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There are many reasons why people experience foot pain. Some are due to high-impact exercises, wearing the wrong size of shoes, underlying medical conditions, diet which is low in vitamins and minerals, long period of walking, and weak foot muscles.

With various foot pain treatments, all these problems can be solved.

The foot is one of most injury-prone parts of the body due to strains and pressure from walking, running, jogging, and other activities.

This part of the human body consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, and 120 muscles. The feet serve as means of pushing the leg forward, the bodyís shock absorber from pressure, and the balancing mechanism for the whole body frame. Due to its relatively small size, the feet receive more than half of the bodyís weight; this means that these parts of the human anatomy receive a combined weight which amounts to hundreds of tons in a single day.

It has been estimated that an average person walks around 7,000 to 10,000 steps everyday. For those people who are overweight and obese, foot pain is often an occurrence since the pressure from these body parts is much heavier than normal. Foot pain may also be a result of underlying medical conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis. Also, studies revealed that wearing the wrong size of shoes will result to foot injuries which are usually painful.

There are Various Foot Pain Treatments and Remedies:

  • For those people who are experiencing foot pains, opt for low-impact exercise since this will lessen injuries from the feet. Since most foot pains are caused by repetitive movement, avoid doing high-impact exercises which put to much pressure and strain on these areas.
  • There are topical medicines available over-the-counter which give relief to foot pains.
  • Soaking the feet in warm water will give soothing effect on its muscles since the temperature will be able to penetrate on painful areas.
  • Massage therapy for ailing feet. Just be sure to hire a massage specialist which can target painful muscle points. There are also massaging electronics devices available today which no longer requires people to go to spas and massage centers.
  • Seek a doctorís advice if the pain is intolerable since it may be a result from underlying medical conditions.
  • Do foot exercises which can make the feetís muscle stronger and more flexible.

Exercises for Foot Pain

  • Controlled Rise: Stand on both feet (medium apart) and slowly rise the left foot using the ball area. Do this in a span of four seconds and then hold this position with that same time. Gradually lower the heels on the floor. Repeat the same procedure on the right foot.
  • Strengthening the toes: (This must be done barefooted.) Lift the toes simultaneously to strengthen its joints and muscles. This can be done either standing or in lying position.
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