Getting Pregnant With High Blood Pressure

Dealing with High Blood Pressure when Pregnant

Getting pregnant with high blood pressure is risky. It can affect both the mother and the fetus. There are a lot of pregnant women who are prone to high blood. Pre clampsia is actually of the most common condition that could happen in the middle of pregnancy. It is best that you watch out for the signs.

High blood pressure is something which can not only damage the fetus but can also have serious affects on one’s organs including kidneys and heart. Strokes are also not very uncommon in high blood pressure problems. Although many high blood pressure women have healthy babies but it is not always the case. High blood pressure is dangerous for the health of both mother and the child. High blood pressure of mother can harm her kidneys which is a mishap for the health of both the mother and the child. Less birth weight is also very common with the babies of high blood pressure women. High blood pressure pregnant women can have earlier delivery than healthy women.


Preeclampsia is a condition which usually occurs at or after the 20th week of pregnancy. This results in high blood pressure and problems in urine. These problems are mainly due to the infection or some problem in kidneys. It can also affect the liver and even brain of the mother. Many severe cases can end up in fetal death. There are seizures that could happen and the condition is known as preclampsia. It is the severest form of preeclampsia and can even result in heart failure. There are a number of other fetal complications which may occur as a result of high blood pressure. Less birth weight, still birth and premature birth are most common of these problems.

There are not approved or confirmed methods of curing preeclampsia. It can only be cured once the baby is delivered. In the mean time, the health and each aspect of the mother is monitored closely and carefully in order to prevent any mishap.

According to an estimate, around 6% to 7% of pregnancies attain high blood pressure United States of America. Approximately 70% of these pregnancies are first pregnancies. The rate of preeclampsia has increased in the past decade in USA. But with ratio of hypertension in pregnancies to preclampsia remains same in the last ten years.

Who gets high blood pressure in pregnancy?

1) Those women who already have high blood pressure before getting pregnant are more likely to develop high blood pressure during their pregnancy.
2) Obese women are also exposed to the risk of high blood pressure after getting pregnant.
3) Teenaged pregnant also have greater chances of getting high blood pressure.
4) Also, if the women have more than a baby in pregnancy, the chance of attaining higher blood pressure exceeds.
5) Those women who already have some kidney disease or diabetes are exposed greatly to the risk of getting high blood pressure during pregnancy.

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