Getting Pregnant With Irregular Periods

Can One Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods

Irregular periods and pregnancy is one of the common issues a woman might face, however getting pregnant with irregular periods is not difficult if you are carefully following your doctor’s prescription. Stress, being overweight and underweight are some of the factors responsible. There are many women in whom the menstrual cycle varies every months sometimes it is too short and at other times it might be too long.

Irregular periods can make it difficult for you to get pregnant. However it does not imply that you cannot get pregnant at all. Irregular periods are defined as the menstrual cycle which is shorter than 21 days and longer than 36 days. If you are suffering from such kind of periods then surely there is a cause of worry, since it might create problems for you in getting pregnant. However if you are one which might suffer from irregular periods occasionally then surely there is no cause of worry, but if this happens on a regular basis then it is essential that you consult a good gynaecologist.

There have been defined a number of factors which can lead to irregular periods like excessive stress, hormonal changes in the body. This may delay the time of ovulation.

Causes if Irregular Periods

An important cause of irregular periods is PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), but if treatment is done then surely you can get pregnant on your own. There are various other factors responsible like if you are overweight, underweight then too you might have irregular periods.

For women with irregular periods it is essential that they understand the entire process of ovulation to understand what needs to be done in such a scenario.

Those women who find it difficult to get pregnant needs to try out with some of the natural methods or on their own try to get pregnant but if all these factors have been ruled out then it is recommended that you consult a doctor and ask him the ways.

What Needs to be Done

Your doctor might ask you to undergo certain tests on the basis of which he will be giving you the medicine. he may ask you to go for blood test and ultrasound in order to know the real factors responsible for you not ovulating.
You also need to figure out as to which is the best time to have sex as well as the position you need to maintain during the sexual intercourse which will help you in getting pregnant.

Keep a check on your weight, even if you have complications but you are able to control your weight, this will enhance your chance of getting pregnant all the more. Also, keep a check on your body temperature, breast soreness and vaginal discharge. If you see any complications you should meet the gynaecologist immediately.

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