Getting Rid of Tennis Elbow

How to Get Rid Of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is an injury brought by overuse of joints when playing tennis. From the name itself, this is characterized by severe pain that gives discomfort to the affected person. Getting rid of tennis elbow will be learned from this article.

The pain that can be felt during the occurrence of tennis elbow varies from case to case. However, the discomfort is the issue in here. If you are a tennis player, you must learn tips on getting rid of tennis elbow.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is said to be characterized by excruciating pain because of the involvement of the outer elbow part. This part is rich in nerve ending therefore there are plenty of pain receptors in this body part. Aside from the elbow, this can also affect the wrist and forearm. There are main symptoms of this condition. One of which is weak grip. The patient has difficulty using his hands’ force because of the pain. This can be experienced when performing activities like doorknob turning as well as shaking hands. Lateral epicondyle or the pain in the elbow's outer part is also present. Furthermore, the pain that will be experienced with this is not just confined to the elbow but also, it radiates to the wrist and forearm. There are some treatments that you can do to lessen the discomfort associated with this condition.

Use Ice Compress

In this condition, there is a high chance of the possibility for swelling to occur. In order to avoid experiencing this, it is best for you to put cold application to the affected part. When there is cold temperature, the vessels constrict. This means that the internal circumference of the nerves is narrow and there is little possibility for the passage of the fluid that causes swelling. If you do not have ice compress in your house, you can use clean cloth to wrap the ice in and put it on the part that is affected. Take note that you must apply the ice as soon as the injury happens.

Elevating the Affected Part

There is another way on order to decrease the possibility of swelling to the affected part. This is by means of elevation. The logic in here is that the pull of gravity will limit pull back of the fluid that will cause inflammation to the compromised body part. The main guideline in here is that you must raise your elbow at the level of your heart. But you must make sure that in elevation, you compress the affected part in order to decrease the capillary permeability.

Use of Corticosteroids

Aside from the typical measures mentioned in order to get rid of tennis elbow, utilizing medical treatment is also advised. Particularly, one can use corticosteroids to halt the inflammation process. This has anti-inflammatory use that limits your body’s reaction to inflammatory mediators like bradykinin, histamine and prostaglandin.

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