Getting rid of Women’s Face and Neck Hair

Ways to Remove Women’s Face and Neck Hair

Having an unwanted hair in the face and neck can cause a major problem especially if you are a woman. This is common dilemma that can affect any person. If you want to remove hair from your face and neck, there are methods that you can choose from without costing too much.

Take note that some permanent removal methods are not always possible because it depends on several factors like thickness of the hair and the area where it needs to be removed.

These are often found in your grocery store or specialized health store. You can also ask the doctor that can prescribe you with medicine. If you are woman and you have too much hair on your face, it can be a cause of a medical problem and you need to consult your doctor.

It is normal to have facial hair, for women it is usually fine and doesn’t seem to be noticeable. Some women have a thick and darker hair on either the chin or upper lip. These could be an effect of medicine or it is a serious medical condition. This condition could run in your family. If there is sudden growth of thicker and darker hair, maybe you should have it check by the doctor. Don’t worry because sometimes there are no serious medical problems found.

The truth is too much hair especially in the hair and face can definitely affect our self esteem and confidence level. There are many ways to remove unwanted hair in the face and neck. The most common are shaving and plucking. Shaving is not actually popular for women and sometimes if you shave your hair it may have a tendency to grow back faster and thicker. On the other hand, plucking may hurt a bit and it doesn’t last for a long time. Waxing is another way to remove hair although it is not that advisable when it comes to face and neck because this can cover a big area at a time. There are also chemicals that you can use that could dissolve any unwanted hair in the face or neck but the effects are quite temporary.

If you want something permanent, maybe you can try using electrolysis. This is done by inserting a metal probe in the opening of the skin. The electric energy destroys the hair down to its roots. Although this has a permanent effect, you may need to go back several times to feel its effects. This kind of method can also be quite expensive. This is done by laser surgeons or qualified dermatologist. There are also medicines and creams that could decrease the growth of the hair. However you may need prescription. This can be used depending on how effective it is but sometimes the effect maybe temporary.

Of course, there are side effects of the different methods of removing hair in the face and neck. The most common is skin irritation and redness. Shaving can cause red marks and often lead to hair ingrown. Plucking can also hurt if there are lots of hairs to be removed. Hot wax can have tendency to burn the area. Chemicals can also smell bad and may cause allergic reaction. When choosing the right methods for removing face and neck hair, you need to decide what is easy for you and it doesn’t give you pain or side effect.


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Name: Danae

Shaving hair on your neck is actually preferable according to most doctors. Despite myths stating otherwise, shaving hair does NOT cause it to grow faster. Plucking, however, can lead to ingrown hair and discoloration of the neck.

Name: Sarah

I'm not sure if the increase in hair has been due to a medical issue or due to shaving but I've noticed that the amount hair on my neck is visibly increasing. I first noticed a few stray hairs 10 years ago when I was 17. Terrified, I began plucking, By 21 I was using a razor and my 25, I began needing to shave daily. I now carry a razor in my purse everywhere I go and my routine of hydrocortizone (to soothe the swollen red bumps from shaving so close to the skin), icing the skin (to bring down swelling) and then applying thick layers of concealer and foundation are done twice a day. Even through the foundation, I can see the bumps on my skin. What started as 1-2 hairs 10 years ago is now roughly 60. I spend at least $40 monthly on make-up and razors for this problem. The issue seems to be isolated to my neck, I haven't had these issues elsewhere and I'm a fair skinned woman with dark brown hair.

Sadly I am also a full-time grad student with no access to medical assistance, only the health system at my University and they cannot assist me with this. I don't know if this is the result of an underlying medical condition or if I perhaps have a hormonal imbalance (severe PMS and moodswings are genetic from my mother and I do suffer from them so this could be a possibility).

Does anyone have any suggestions? More than anything, I'd just love to be able to look up without being afraid that someone might notice.

Name: Merela

Hello Sarah, Firstly, Im sure no one else notices the hair half as much as you think. I too suffer from a hairy neck but I try not to mess with it too much with shaving or waxing because I think it can make it look worse. Recently I have heard that laser hair removal can be done in this area which will stop all regrowth - the only problem is after the treatments, the skin will be bumpy for a day or two and you are not allowed to put make up or cream on it. Maybe a scarf would do it! I also think it would be worth getting your hormone levels checked because it can be a sign of an imbalance which is treatable. Lastly, try not to get too upset about it, Italian men love neck hair on women and it's not seen as an ugly thing generally in Europe. Stand tall and hold your head up high, there is nothing more attractive than confidence and you have no reason to feel un confident about it. :-) x

Name: Josie

i have a problem with my hairy neck and i always wear a scarf and i shave it sometimes and it has gone thicker and i'm having a lot of problems , so can someone please help me what to do with this problem , cuz i'm going insane. thankies :)

Name: Kim

You may have a disorder called PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom. I was diagonised with it about 14 years ago when it was first found in woman. Do not think it is due to a cyst on your oviaries because this is only one side effect of having this disorder.. I would suggest looking at the symptoms of PCOS online and comparing them to what you have going on.. Excess hair is one of the major symptoms in most women diagnosed and they have found shaving or cutting your hair with this disorder does create the hair to grow back thicker and darker. I have been dealing with and looking for options for hair removal for many years as due to not knowing about the change in hair, I have been one to shave and do whatever I can to remove it at home. Any ideas for permanent hair removal would be great. Having a "beard" as a woman is not something I personally want.

Name: akhlaq

my wife has hair on her face around the chin pls. advice us what we do get rid of this problem thanks

Name: Crystal

Hi Akhlaq, only Laser hair removal can help it's not very expensive. If your wife is really interested in getting laser hair removal then she should consult a dermetologist first. Please tell your wife to not to use any removing cream or wax around her chin area cause it will make it worse.

Name: myra

hello, i have hairs on my face and especially on my chin. i hate it .. please help me in getting rid of them.

Name: steph

hi i have very thick dark hairs on the side of my face and neck i started shaving and know it's become more noticable iv'e tried waxing and it's to painfull i'm only seventeen and it's really upsetting please help x

Name: wat

sally hansen sells great hair bleaching products that will at the very least, masquerade the fact that you have dark hairs on your face and neck. i've been using it for years and it helps! i have to touch up once a month though. also, it helps to always have a pair of tweezers with you in case you have an unusually thick hair growing out of your face/neck(admittedly, i used a cream hair remover on my chin and i regret doing so).

Name: moony

In high school the hair on my neck was blond. Now it's black and course. I've had to start shaving it, and plucking my chin - every day! I have what can only be described as 'sideburns'. I don't consider myself unattractive, but the hair makes me feel less feminine. At the same time, I've begun to realize that it seems like LOTS of women have this problem, so I'd like to say that it's not really strange or unusual, so maybe it's just... you know. Normal for some of us to be a little shaggier than our counterparts! I know that doesn't help, but it does make me feel a little better. The trouble is, I don't particularly enjoy having to shave my face more often than my boyfriend shaves his. You know? It sucks. I'll shave today, but tomorrow it'll be back. It's a constant battle. I can't afford laser treatment, and waxing doesn't seem to do much good. The only thing that works is shaving. I'm not really seeking advice, just sharing my situation in hopes that it helps other women feel less alone in their circumstances. I also want to say that your husband/boyfriend will love you, even if you are a little bit hairy. Only the truly uncouth will have the gall to comment on it, them and people who want to help... so it's really not so bad. It could be worse. Being a little hairy is better than starving, or living in a war-torn country, or... well, a lot of things. :-) Remember: it could always be worse.

Name: belen

ok... this is really weird.. but i have thin hair on the right side of neck, and on my left side i have NOTHING!! which makes me think why i dont and the other side why i do... but it bearly shows. cuz its a light brown, but still.... i have no idea what to do. im still a teenager... someone please help!

Name: Meee

I have a very hairy neck as well. It started as jus a few. I so regret the day I ever started plucking them because now they have turn into tons of hair. Its so embarassing n I have dark spots all over my neck. I usually need to use my mac powder to cover it. I went to see a dermatologist and she told me to stop plucking because that's only going to cause more bumps. She was right. She told me to start shaving it n come back when it's grown in and we can try electrolysis. I haven't been able to go back because of my money sistuation. Now my neck is even harier and my whole neck is turning dark like a man's. I am an African American so it is worst. I don't know what to do. Its really bugging me I don't even feel like going out anymore. The hairs are the least of my problems now. Its the darkness that is really getting to me. Please someone help me!! I'm in desperate need of help! I try using veet but that irreatates my skin a lot. Your advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

Name: nithyasri

I have a very hairy neck as well. It started as just a few. I so regret the day I ever started plucking them because now they have turn into tons of hair. Its so embarassing n I have dark spots all over my neck. I usually need to use my mac powder to cover it. I went to see a dermatologist and she told me to stop plucking because that's only going to cause more bumps. She was right. She told me to start shaving it n come back when it's grown in and we can try electrolysis. I haven't been able to go back because of my money sistuation. Now my neck is even harier and my whole neck is turning dark like a man's. I am an African American so it is worst. I don't know what to do. Its really bugging me I don't even feel like going out anymore. The hairs are the least of my problems now. Its the darkness that is really getting to me. Please someone help me!! I'm in desperate need of help! I try using veet but that irreatates my skin a lot. Your advice would be greatly appreciated! :

Name: fefe

hello everyone i have the same problem.....a hairy a African American women, i dont or didnt go out much due to this problem...i started usin bakin soda and hand soap as a exfoilent..night and day......and i also mix baking soda and vinager to make a paste and i notice it works as long as u r persitent about it......i stopped doin it due to bein a single mom of four but hey it dows work so try it give it a month and u will see results.....thank u all i thought i was alone with my hairy that is all we can do lol....take care

Name: j

As soon as I read Sarah's I stopped and cried. While I read the comment back to her I must include, it is not that easy to stand confidently with the way the world pushes image on us. And who's fighting to be the best of the best gets picked scenario. Seriously I have the same prob Sarah...started when I was 16, someone told me to burn i with a lighter. I 34 and i shave a full beard just on neck line & its getting worse. I have seen my OB GYN, they say I am fine. I have tried lazer, waxing, tweezing, FORGET IT. Shaving is the quickest least expensive. Honestly this is my main part in life to why I am always depressed. I feel so not worthy. The 1 guy i have ever loved in life, when he came up to show me that he wanted me, maybe for a marriage, I felt so embarrassed I stopped him from putting his hand on my face like 3times, avoiding kisses that I yearned for so long, and shewed him away, cuz i just didnt want to take the chance. Ppl see it in movies that hey if they love you, then it wont matter...WRONG!!! Real life has it where if you arent sexually appealing & yes confident, smart and all the other stuff, then you have got slim to null chances. Now I am a BPD sufferer, but all it is , is my wires are screwed up. But i think that i truly have an imbalance. Anyways, when I tried electrolysis, they said because of my Atopic skin & hair folical nothing might happen, several 1,000 dollars later, they were right. Its easier to hide the body hair, but the scarves work in the winter. I have yet to cut my long hair...cause i use it as a security cover up. Life sucks when u are forced to deal with flaws. Sometimes I just feel I should bag my head. And ps.... i used to be a model, so I aint ugly in the face...just hairy :(

Name: Jen

Hello, my hair ladies! Yes, I too thought I was by myself, but nice to know I'm not the only one dealing with no-sense. I went to my doctor, and I was diagnosed with PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom. So I now know hairyness is apart of this disorder. At first I just let the few hairs be on my neck and thought nothing of them, until, my then boyfriend asked if he wanted to me, "Clip my neck up. Let's just say I was quite embarresssed, but never the less, I want home that day and shaved. I found that shaving upward took the hairs away longer, but yet brought more razer bumps. So now I APPLY A HOT WASH CLOTH TO MY NECK FOR A MINUTE OR SO, THEN I SHAVE DOWNWARD VERY LIGHTLY. THEN I APPLY "BUMP STOPPER' LIGHTLY ON MY NECK AFTER, AND I USE MAKEUP TO COVER UP THE DISSCOLOR ON MY NECK. I'm not embarrassed of my hair on my neck anymore. There could be 1001 worst other things I could have been blessed with. This is just an outward body that has nothing to do with the inside soul and spirit that lies within. I believe people can see through my hairy neck and are able to embrass my wonderful spirit, just as they should with you! Take Care!

Name: Brooke

Reading all this making me feel a little better cuz I have the same problem since I was 16 first it wasnt bad at first but now i'm 19 n its outta control uughh sometime I sit there and cry because everybody tell me omg your so pretty yu should be a model n I tell dem I dnt have da skin for really hurts me cuz I think aint no guy gone lyk me cuz of all da hair I have on my face n chin n neck n chest I feel so ugly ...idk wat to do cuz I really wants to become a model somebody :(

Name: S

I have the same problem with neck and chest hair. I literally feel like a monkey when I look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes I think to myself that I am not pretty enough just because of this problem. What makes it worse is the fact that I have scars and scabs that basically cover my whole chest. I wear turtle necks every day because it is such an embarrassment. I cry to myself about it all the time, because it's like why? Why do I have to deal with this? I want to say that this started around 17 years old and I'm 19 now, I can honestly say that it wasn't that bad until 2011. If I didn't wear a turtle neck and didn't use make-up to cover it up, I feel like everyone is looking at it and I feel like they'd be disgusted by it like I am. I get depressed and I get anxiety about it and at this point I feel like its OCD. I can't ever leave it alone and there's some that grow under the skin and I always take a needle to try and let the hair come out under it. I can honestly say it is ruining my life. I am supposed to go to Florida this summer and I honestly don't know how I'm going to cover it up without wearing a turtle neck or a scarf. I've always had one wish and it's for this non-sense of hair to go away.

Name: Dee

I have hair on my neck that started out as a few when I was 16 and has increased significantly over the years. I maintain mine by getting it waxed about every 2 weeks. You can try to pluck the hair as they grow out, which is easier cause they grow back slow. It can be expensive though if you don't seek out a salon with good prices. I can get it done for about 8-10 dollars. Its a little painful at first, but you get used to it and it does really hurt after.

Name: Daisy

I'm 18 and I have neck hair. it completely reduced my convinced when I first found out (age 16). I was lucky that I was able to go and see my doctor which provided medication and creams for my problem. I still have to shave but the hair has been reduced slowly. Now I'm living my life as normal. and I'm not afraid what people think about it because looks are not everything. If I never did go and see my doctor in the first place I don't think I would be where I am now, Working as a gardener around the UK.

Name: SS

You can bleach your skin if you don't want to go through the wax and shaving route. There's also other products like smooth away exfoliators, Epistick epliator and Jolen. There's also another product for all over body hair remover used for both men and women called Softsheen Carson cream, maybe you can have a look at some of those products. Which should be available worldwide if anyone needs more tips.

Name: katherine

laser ladies laser

Name: Rachel

Hello Ladies! I too have hair on each side of my neck. I have had it since I gave birth to my son in 2005. I noticed it after I had him when it was still light and started shaving it off. BIG MISTAKE!!! Now I have to shave everyday and I always end up with a 5 O'clock shadow. NEVER SHAVE YOUR NECK! I am married and my husband loves me no matter what but it still takes my confidence level wayyy down. I am going to try bleaching it today and see if that helps. I have heard nothing but bad things about laser hair removal...FROM EVERYONE, so my guess is this is just a way for the doctors to scam more money off of you. Glad to know I am not the only one :)

Name: Sarah

Hi, a few weeks ago my brother pointed out that I had hairs on my neck and I never noticed it before, soo I spent a few days sad and embarrass since I have this problem and I am ONLY 14!!! I remembered my aunt having this problem & having to shave everyday before she died. So I dealed with it and took matters in my own hands and told my mom so I can do something about it before it gets out of hand like my aunt's. Today I had an appointment with a dermatologist and she told me a lot of info about the options I have. She said that any laser treatments will likely cause hypodiscoloration or hyperdiscoloration meaning that It may cause dark patches on my skin or light patches that look pink!!! This applies to me because I'm black I'm not sure if the same side effects would happen on a white person or people with really light skin. We asked her about plucking and waxing and she said that it may cause ingrown hairs and cause little ugly bumps. She also confirmed that I should NEVER SHAVE because it would grow back worst!!! So she pretty much said I shouldnt do anything to the hair but just try to clip them scissors and put this cream she prescribed to me to slow down the growth of it( it cost 88 dollars of me, and it's not covered by most insurances so I would ask the dermalologist if they have a coupon and if not look online), but she said don't do much with it since its not that bad. But If this don't work I might try waxing because it works for a lot of people.its sad that I really can't do much about it but my advice to people with the same problem is to go the dermatologist to go over your options and don't let it mess up your confidence because it's a lot of people with the same problem and it's always someone with bigger problem than you so count your blessings and you'll find a solution one day but until then keep your head up !!!

Name: Editor

Awesome advice Sarah, I can't expect it from someone who is just 14 years old. Anyway, whatever you said here is the best advise that anyone can give. Thanks a lot.

Name: Chantelle

Hi. i am only 16 I have only noticed about 3 months ago that I have got neck hair either side of my neck. I find it extremely embarrassing. I use a bleaching product called JOLEN. It's amazing it does wonders for me I honestly suggest all you ladies try it out. I started with plucking it but it came back with more hair and more thicker, now I'm using this bleach I don't have no more worries, it may take a few attempts to lighten the hair but believe me it's worth it in the end. :-)

Name: Lacy

hi.. unfortunately I have this problem as well. I'm 22 years old hair began to grow on my neck & chin when I was in high school. My mom has this problem as well.. In the beginning I shaved the hair which I regret doing because it seems as if it got worse.. Then I tweezed the hair which caused dark spots where the hair follicles were pulled from my skin. After this I tried nair hair removal cream which irritated my skin & caused me to spend a night feeling as if my neck was on fire..I've also tried waxing before. Once the hair is removed it grows back within a few days, I absolutely hate it. I am ashamed of the dark spots however I believe myself to be a very attractive woman so my confidence in myself has not changed.. I'll just continue to try products until I find one that could lighten these spots. I'm afraid to spend so much money on laser treatment if it will be unsuccessful.. If anyone has advice feel free to let me know.. I know its frustrating but everyone has imperfections, not one person is without a flaw. you should never let something like this make you feel like you are less of a woman or person.. You are all beautiful.

Name: Kesha

I noticed my first hair when I was 14 in the 9th grade. At first, I thought it was funny. I showed my mom and pulled it out of my neck. Now, at 26, I have about 40 dark spots on my neck from where I've pulled out hairs with tweezers or scratched the bumps with the ingrown hairs to pull them out. I'm so self conscious of my neck. I try to keep the spots covered with makeup, and when it is covered, I feel so much better. I hope to find a good remedy for this problem. Every day, I tweeze or puck. In the car. In the bathroom. Unknowingly with my fingernails at work. I read above someone said vinegar and baking soda paste?? What does that do? I remember putting that mixture in my volcano as a child.

Name: Cheryl

I have suffered with hair on my neck since i was about 22. At that age I started going to the electrolysis and it worked. It worked for several years. Now 20 something years later the hairs are back, some are in the same spots and some new. First, try electrolysis, it works for individuals with less than about 30 hairs. Birth control works also. And laser works too. My daughter suffers more than I and birth control and laser was the only thing that brought hairs under control. Save your money. It is worth it!


I too have a hairy chin, under my neck is the worse. I carry a razor in my purse, car, and every morning before I leave the house I have to go over it. Waxing didnt help, it hurt and no results. I was diagnosed with PCOS, and told my hormone levels were off, causing me to have hair grow a lot faster and quicker in all areas. Nothing to be done but laser treatment that I cannot afford. Only 25 and shaving daily to keep my appearance, ladies you are not alone.

Name: Vanessa

I have these hairs on my neck too. I noticed them years ago when I was 16. I started plucking them out,as my mum advised me not to put a razor on it. I'm 21 now,and I hv dark spots on my neck. The hairs on my neck have also increased,but I still pluck dem out almost every day.(its all I can do) as I was told shaving would make it worse. it's really embarrassing having dark spots and slightly hairy neck. lots of my friends have walked up to me saying "oh my God! Vanessa u grow beards?" it's freaking embarrassing! I'm always cautious of raising my neck in public. anyways, the hair on my neck isn't all that disturbing as they aren't too noticeable. its the dark spots on my neck that's disturbing... anyone, someone, please help me.

Name: Erin

I agree with Rachel. I wish I NEVER started shaving as now it's a constant battle. Curious of the bleach worked for you Rachel.

Name: Muffin

Iím so frustrated. I have facial hair. I full beard if I let it grow out. I shave each day. I double up on concealer,makeup. Nothing hides it. Iím so self conscious about it. Please help me. Iím a black women. 61 years of age.

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