Glaucoma Symptoms and Treatment

How is Glaucoma Caused

Taking care of our eyes is essential because if we lose our sight, it would be hard for us to do various activities that can affect our job. The most common eye disease that a person suffers is glaucoma. However, if you’ll act now or at least know its symptoms, it can still be cured.

The Causes of Glaucoma

Our eyes are one of the sensitive parts of our body that’s why taking care of it is very important because if we don’t it can acquire various ailments that could result into blindness. Glaucoma is one of diseases that can affect our eyes and it is due to several reasons. The common reasons are if the optic nerve is becoming weak or because of the increasing pressure in your eyes. Although glaucoma can be acquired through family history, a lot of people are experiencing it because of diabetes or being a very short-sighted individual. Once you already feel that your eyes are starting to become blurred that is already an indication that you might have glaucoma.

How can Glaucoma affect our Life?

When diagnose with glaucoma your task will be limited into few. The symptoms cannot be identified easily but you can tell it for yourself because you are the one that will notice it. Many identify glaucoma as "the sneak thief of sight" because it slowly take your sense of sight without you noticing it that’s why it is important to always check the health of your eyes to be able to identify if it is already acquiring such disease. Just imagine losing your sight because you are not taking care of your eyes.

Various Symptoms

The symptoms of glaucoma will depend to the type of glaucoma you have. If you are suffering from chronic angle-closure and open-angle glaucoma, you might not notice any symptoms because it doesn’t have any symptoms at all since it is only the first stage of the disease. However, if you are already suffering from acute angle-closure the symptoms could be very disturbing because it causes a severe eye pain, nausea and vomiting, visual blurring, and headache. Once you feel these symptoms it advisable to immediately consult the expert to prevent it from becoming worst.

Treatment for Glaucoma

If glaucoma is on its early stage, there’s still a huge chance that it can be cured. Usually doctors would recommend surgery and the intake of medicines that will help clearing the eyes from glaucoma. Prescribed eyedrops are also a well-known medicine to cure it but because of technology it can now easily be cured through laser method. Proper intake of nutritious foods that will keep our eyes healthy is also an important one to acquire.

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