Good and Bad Carbohydrates

Difference Between Good and Bad Carbohydrates

Before differentiating positive and negative features of carbohydrates which turn them good and bad we must explore carbohydrates themselves to know them better as why they are important food ingredients. Carbohydrates provide energy to our bodies. They are sugary elements that keep metabolism of body working. But they can also create difficulties for same bodies. It is therefore necessary to know them perfectly for complete prevention and proper utilization.

It is a known fact that carbohydrates as sugary elements have several roles to play in our bodies. They are excellent sources of energy supply to body that help us keep going without any hindrance. But which are good and which are bad carbohydrates is a matter of great importance. Differentiation of such categories is simpler though. Good carbohydrates are food products that can be digested easily. Obviously such food products would remain in their natural shape without getting damaged through any source.

You have ample opportunity to find good carbohydrate in all unprocessed food products that are still not altered by use of chemicals or processed in machines due to the use of any advanced technology. Most important quality of good carbohydrates lay in high fiber food items. Such foods always prove effective especially if presence of enriched fiber help in generating energy in body to keep one active and powerful for maximum duration.

Why Good Carbohydrates?

Everything that can do something good to our bodies remains most preferred option indeed, so are important good carbohydrates. Such foods develop sense of fullness and satisfaction in us unlike bad carbohydrates that might remain delicious but in fact break stamina and body’s power to fight with external forces that attack its metabolism. Good carbohydrates contain ample fiber hence ultimately keeps cholesterol in control.

At the same juncture these carbohydrates are powerful and help one remove toxins from body. Good carbohydrates are indeed enriched with vitamins, minerals and several nutrients. Their options can be from fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grain breads etc.

Avoid Bad Carbohydrates:

Very first word “bad” defines bad carbohydrates which leave worst impact on bodies when taken in any form. In medical terminology they are refined and processed foods in which chemical ingredients and other such elements remain which damage them at all levels. Alarming situation with them is that these foods items loose their natural form though they are made delicious. Carbohydrates of such foods damage body’s metabolism rather than empowering them for which one eats food – carbohydrates.

You should therefore focus at nutritional value rather than delicacy when making a choice of carbohydrates. Numerous addictives like colorings, flavorings and preservatives makes such foods dangerous for the eaters and therefore bad carbohydrate produced keep damaging the body on regular intervals just to invite countless other diseases to have grip on the body.

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