Graves Disease Natural Treatment

Home Remedies for Graves Disease

Graves disease generally involves the thyroid causing it to develop two times its original size and becomes more active than the usual. This can also affect the eyes causing stuffed eyes, the skin and other organs such as the reproductive and nervous systems.

Graves disease usually affects women right after giving birth than men. It can be transmitted through the genes. Usual indication is sudden weight reduction, insomnia, easily gets tired, being bad tempered, goiter, eyeballs are about to stick out, fast heart beat rate, hair fall and worst is removal of nails.

A person with graves disease may be deficient in iodine and it is advisable for them to take supplements and food rich in Vitamin B such as milk, cheese, egg, fish, potatoes or any dairy product.

If you are in to smoking it is strongly suggested that you avoid doing so as it increase the symptom of the disease. You need to keep away from caffeinated drinks such as coffee, alcoholic drinks, tea and chocolate.

Since graves disease affects the immune system it is best to take brewer’s yeast that has a high level of Vitamin B that stimulates the enzymes inside the body to boost immunity in the body.

One of the best herbal remedy that can be done at home is in taking Bugleweed tincture and lemon balm as these lessens the hormone level in the thyroid. Prunella Vulgaris and verbena is also a great help to restrain the production of thyroid hormone.

Make it a habit to eat vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and radish all these kinds of vegetables has a substance that controls and lessens the production of hormones in the thyroid

Amino acid L-carnitine is one of the best supplements that can be given to a person that has graves disease, it is believed to control and block over produced hormones in the thyroid that goes into the body’s tissues.

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