HIV Infection in Women

HIV Symptoms in Women

HIV infection in women affects a large majority of women population the world over. It becomes all the more essential for the women to know what the symptoms of HIV are and how it can be cured so that the disease can be prevented. If any of the symptoms are visible proper checkups and tests must be conducted.

The number of women getting infected with HIV infection across the world seems to have tremendously increased in the recent years. Women are primarily vulnerable to heterosexual transmission of HIV.

HIV infection can affect both men and women. Though women also suffer from the same symptoms of HIV like men but some of the symptoms are almost similar in both men and women like low fever, night sweats, fatigue and weight loss. There are a few gender specific symptoms also which may affect just the women like- vaginal yeast infection, pelvic inflammatory diseases, increased chances of getting cervical cancer.

Women have a great difficulty in getting treated with HIV primarily because of the low importance given to women’s health in most of the families, burden of the family and upbringing of children. They also lack societal support and suffer from the stigma which the society heaps on the HIV infected women.

Symptoms of HIV in women- There are a few signs of HIV which may not be perceived as mere symptoms in the initial phase. These may include- frequent infections in the vagina, abnormal pap tests, pelvic infections. Few other symptoms may be genital ulcers, warts in the genital area and herpes infections.

Sometimes the symptoms of HIV may lie dormant for many years and erupts suddenly when the situation has gone out of control. Women with HIV are also exposed to flu like symptoms within just a couple of weeks of getting HIV infection.

With the progression of the disease, the infection may become acute and more symptoms starts becoming visible like the swollen lymph glands, fever accompanied by night sweats, rapid weight loss, fatigue and depression, loss of appetite, diarrhoea. At times, white spots and blemishes may also appear on the mouth.

Diseases which afflict HIV infected-HIV infected women also experience various gynaecological problems which may become frequent and severe in different women. Vaginal yeast infections arise among those women who are infected with HIV but it may be quite difficult to treat it. Bacterial vaginosis and various sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea, Chlamydia and trichomoniasis also occur more frequently amongst the infected women and they may become difficult to treat.

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