Hair Re-growth Treatment

Guide to Regrow Your Hair

Understanding how hair grows and the possible roots of hair loss is something that many people would like to know about. If you are interested than this health guideline will equip you with proper information about this hair problem.

Hair is made up of two parts. The first part is called the hair root which is embedded within the layers of the dermis.

Learn how hair grows

The second part is referred to as the hair shaft. The entire hair grows in a space called hair follicle. Damage to the stem cells inside the hair root is said to be the root cause of hair loss. Aside from the parts, hair growth also undergoes phases of growth and rest. This rate of growth and rest differ depending on which part of the body the hair grows. Some parts faster than the others.

What are the possible causes of hair loss?

  • Genetics - Some people are just more prone to develop hair loss than others. You notice the signs as early as in their twenties. You notice hair lines beginning to recede. You will also notice a little hair loss on the top. Sad but if it’s genetic, there’s really little we can do to prevent it. You just have to learn how to live with it and accept it.
  • It could be medicinal side effects - Consider looking up the medicines you take for side effects. Hair loss could be a possible side effect. Usually drugs used for chemotherapy exhibit a temporary hair loss side effect. Good thing is hair usually grows back once the drug is flushed out of your system. In the case of chemotherapy patients, hair should grow back again in 4-6 weeks after the drug is stopped.
  • Too much hot oils - Extreme heat can damage the integrity of the hair causing regrowth to be stunt. In the case of hot oils, where the hair is exposed to heat for long periods of time, the hair’s structure could be damaged permanently. Long hot showers directed towards the scalp can also have the same effect.
  • Fungal infection - Fungal problems cause itchiness, redness leading to swelling and later developing into inflammation of the hair follicle. Inflammation can impede the hair’s function to grow causing hair loss.
  • Hormonal imbalances - Imbalanced hormones can cause an over or under production of androgens which are sex hormones responsible for the development of male and female characteristics which include hair growth. Diseases like Cushing’s disease, damage to the pituitary gland, or maybe hyperthyroidism can also cause hormonal imbalances.
  • Stress - Studies also show that stress can cause temporary hair loss. So if you want to keep your crown of hair, you’ve got to learn to tone it down.
  • Improper hygiene practices - Bad hygiene practices like skipping baths can cause hair loss as well.

What are the possible hair treatment interventions?

  • Avoid the possible causes - Except for genetics and genetic diseases, you can avoid the causes stated above to promote more hair care and growth.
  • Visit a dermatologist for consultation - Decide to seek advice from a doctor who has years of experience. Get medical advice.
  • Try out Minoxidil products - This product is said to promote hair growth if consistently used. Check with your doctor for contraindications.
  • Hair implants - Search the web regarding hair implant information. Again it is best to talk with medical experts regarding this option.


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