Headache Natural Treatment

Natural Remedy for Headache

How headache is being triggered or what causes headache? Can headache be prevented? What is the natural way to cure headache? What are the herbal medicines that can be used for headache?

Everyone can experience having a headache, men and women, young and old. People tend to buy over the counter medicines just to give them fast and temporary relief.

There are different kinds of headache and they have different causes. There are common reasons for headache like headache done by extreme exercise, headache caused by eating ice cream, tension headache caused by anxiety and worry, migraine, headache caused by menstruation period, there is a so called after sex headache, and also the most known headache caused by drinking – hang over headache. What the cause maybe, there will always be a remedy.

There are two categories for headaches – primary and secondary. Having a primary headache means that you have to deal with the headache itself, it is the sole reason why you are in pain while secondary headache means that there is a reason behind why you are experiencing pain, either that you have a another problem when it comes to your health and it is manifested through headache.

Ways to Treat Headache Naturally

Aromatherapy can be done in 5 ways but you need to find the purest essential oil that you can use such as eucalyptus, lavender or rosemary to get the full benefit of headache remedy. You may use the essential oil for bathing, body and face massaging, can be inhaled placing a few amount in a basin with warm water and lastly by a diffuser.

Proper diet and trimming down fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol can cause headache and by reducing eating and drinking such food will lessen chances of having a headache. Keep away from crunching ice, eating ice cream and drinking very cold water or beverage, it will only aggravate headache. Drink chamomile tea to calm down

Take a warm shower. It stimulates freshness and gives ease to your body, helping you to have a relaxed feeling.

Avoid putting on strong cologne or perfume, it will only irritate your nose from smelling such scent and will trigger headache.

Completing your rest and at least 8 hours of sleep will help you prevent headache. In most cases people experience headache because of lack of sleep. You will notice that headaches become lesser as long as you maintain a good sleeping routine

If your eyes are working too hard more likely you will have headache especially if the eye muscle are already tired. Wrong eyeglasses cause headache or long hours of work in front of the computer. Try to balance the light in your work place or from time to time have a few seconds of rest.

Exercise is one way of reducing headache: brisk walking and jogging is a natural way of relieving pain as it releases endorphins in the body. Endorphins are natural pain killer in our body which is released through exercise

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