Healthy Food for Heart Disease

Best Diet for Heart Disease

You are probably aware that heart disease is already one of the major problems in health in all countries of the world. Young or old, poor or rich, no one is exempted from the possibility of having this heart disease that is affecting even the youngest members of the society. This is the main reason why you must know what heart disease is, what are its symptoms, the diagnosis as well as the healthy food for heart disease.

The heart is one busy organ of the body. Because of its endless function, it is no longer a surprise that it will be affected by certain conditions that might weaken or even make it totally unable to perform its tasks. Heart diseases are very serious problems that need proper care and attention.

What Heart Disease Is

Heart disease is the general phrase referring to the various chronic as well as acute medical conditions that affect a single or all of the heart’s components. Beating 100,000 times per day, the heart pumps the blood which carries nutrients as well as oxygen all over our body and delivers the carbon dioxide and more wastes to the kidneys, liver and lungs for excretion.

Symptoms to Remember

During the first stages, there will be no obvious symptoms but the very first one is typically angina pectoris or chest pain and also heart attack. The angina pectoris is a pain or discomfort that can be felt in the pain, caused by exertion and rest can relive it. This kind of pain might be like a simple dull ache that you can feel in your chest’s middle part, or a pressured feeling felt from the neck downwards to your arms. Heart attack’s major symptoms include intense pain in the chest, feeling cold all of a sudden, weakness, sweating and nausea.

Heart Disease’s Diagnosis

Physical exam and clinical history are the bases for this problem’s diagnosis. Tests that will confirm it include the so-called electrocardiography as well as angiography. These two have their unique processes for confirming a heart disease.

Food for the Heart

Instead of using butter, it will be best if you will substitute it with olive oil. This is to limit the fat saturation as well as cholesterol. Fishes from cold water is also advisable for those who are suffering from heart disease. This includes mackerel, herring and salmon which are all rich in omega 3. Removing the excess fat and skin of poultry will also make it as a good source of protein with low fat. Opt for chicken breast without skin instead of the fried ones or the chicken patties that are already processed.

Other good sources of protein with low fat include soybeans, lentils and beans. These do not contain cholesterol and are good as alternatives for the animal protein. Instead of hamburger, you might want to try a soy burger. Lean meats will also be good just as long as you will broil them instead of frying. And the really healthy foods for heart disease are the fresh fruits which are rich in vitamins and fiber. Add them up with some fresh vegetables and you will surely go a long way.

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