Heart Disease and Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure May Cause Heart Disease

Low blood pressure may cause heart diseases if over looked over a longer period of time or if proper medication is not taken. Heart diseases and low blood pressure are said to be related to each other. This happens because of the inadequate supply of oxygen to the blood vessels. When heart fails to pump blood it may lead to heart failure also.

Various researchers have found out a close relation between heart diseases and low blood pressure. People who suffer from low blood pressure for a longer period of time tend to suffer from various heart diseases. Basically people who do not take care of what they are eating and maintain an unhealthy routine suffer from these kinds of diseases.

Factors Responsible for Low Blood Pressure

Sometimes, increase in salt intake in the diet, excessive smoking, alcohol abuse, stress for a considerable longer period of time and many more factors play a vital role in low blood pressure. So your lifestyle and the environment too have a major role to play.

A slight low blood pressure does not affect your health but the problem emerges when the blood pressure becomes low to an extreme extent such that you start to faint and feel dizziness from within. Such a situation usually occurs when the person rises suddenly from sitting or lying down position. This type of blood pressure is called as postural hypotension. This occurs because of the failure of autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for controlling various vital actions such as the heart beat. The problem increases as the age increases.

Emotions too play a major role in changing the way our heart functions, this may be the case when hormonal changes may occur in the body these too have a direct effect on the heart beat. Over stressful situation also comes under the same head and tends to aggravate further leading to pain in the chest. Pregnant women too might be running the risk of the same if proper care is not taken.

Orthostatic Hypotension

When the heart pumps blood, and if there is too less blood available because of dehydration or anaemia then the blood pressure may drop further. This is known as Orthostatic Hypotension. If this is the case then the blood vessels may squeeze in order to raise the blood and if this doesn’t happen then the blood pressure falls down leading to severe pain in the heart and may even cause angina in the long run.

Associated with this is the cardiogenic orthostatic hypotension in which the heart is not able to respond properly to the demands of greater amount of blood supply and thereby it may lead to heart failure if proper medication is not resorted to. Women tend to be more careful in such a case as more women than men die of heart diseases every year.

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