Herbal Remedies for Ulcers

Available Herbal Remedies for Ulcers

The increase in the occurrence of ulcers, whether it is gastric or peptic type, became a motivation for those in the non-medical field to search for the herbal remedies for ulcers. Learn the available herbal remedies for ulcers through simply reading this article.

Before spending too much in availing the medical treatment for ulcers, you should consider first the herbal remedies for the condition. This is a convenient as well as cheap way to treat this body part alteration.

Cabbage Use

Nature has made its own way in providing you with relief as well as treatment for ulcers. Example of which is with the utilization of cabbage in your diet. There are studies that investigated the possibility of cabbage providing ulcer healing features to those who eat it. The research yielded purely positive results because it was proven that cabbage really has healing properties for the ulcer cases. In here, individual with cancer must drink raw cabbage squeezed to produce one quart. For a span of five days, the ulcerated part in your stomach or in your duodenum will heal. The wonder of cabbage is not only confined to digestive system ulcer but also to typical wounds and scratches.


The most typical causative agent why there is ulceration in the linings of the digestive tract is because of the presence of Helicobacter Pylori in the GI system. For you to stop the proliferation and destruction of this microorganism, bioflavonoids are the answer. These are substances that are rich in herbs that are raised in a typical garden. Bioflavonoids are effective in the destruction of the growth of this causative agent. Examples of the foods or herbs that are rich with this are berries, plums, red cabbage and a lot more.

Bilberry to Reduce Inflammation

There is associated inflammation that occurs when there is an ulceration of the stomach parts. In order to halt the process of inflammation, you can ingest bilberry. This is another nature’s wonder that helps in the treatment of ulcer and is widely used in Russia. Aside from reducing the intestinal and gastric inflammation, this is also useful in providing protection to the mucous membranes that are too fragile. This also contains some sort of wound healing properties that will help a lot in the recovery from this illness.

Bitter Herbs

When there is damage in the walls of your gastrointestinal system, there is associated weakening of the particular part that is affected. Aside from that, not all cases of ulcer are because of the increased production of acid. There are some cases that these are due to the poor tome of the intestinal cells. Herbs that are effective in toning the compromised part are the bitter herbs. Aside from this, these herbs are also helpful in restoring the digestive property of the affected part. There is also a certain property that makes bitter herbs responsible in protecting the GI lining.

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