Herbal Treatment for Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure Herbal Cure

Herbal treatments for kidney failure are preferred because of their side effects free properties. Examples of these herbs are kelp, ginger as well as uva ursi.

When kidney failure is present, people are always thinking of availing of the hospital treatment for this disease. These treatments are oftentimes expensive and can put one’s life to some danger. The herbal treatments for kidney failure are still advised.

Causes of Kidney Failure

Kidney failure happens because of three primary causes. These are pre-renal, intra-renal and post-renal causes. When the cause of the kidney failure is pre-renal, this may signify that there may be disruption in the blood supply delivered in the nephrons of the kidney leading to its malfunction. When intra-renal is the root cause, this means that there is a direct damage that occurred in the kidney’s functional cells. This may be a result of the other renal system diseases. Conversely, post-renal cause means that there is blockage in the ureters which does not allow exit of the formed urine in the kidney cells. The urine is then reabsorbed and causes failure of the nephrons to function. There are several herbs which promote kidney function and helps in providing relief from the condition. These herbs are:

  • Kelp
  • Ginger
  • Uva Ursi


Aside from the water therapy, there are also some herbs that will help reverse the kidney failure. These herbs are particularly having diuretic properties. When we say diuretic properties, it helps in stimulating the kidney to produce more urine in order to eliminate the wastes present in the human system. One of the most well-known herbal diuretics is Kelp. Aside from being a good herb that promotes formation of urine, this is also a best source of minerals, iron and nutrients needed by the kidney cells to regenerate.


Aside from utilizing herbs with diuretic properties, there are also some natural remedies which will help cleanse the cells of the kidneys. Particularly, ginger herb will supply you with this kind of property. Ginger has the ability to clean the kidneys from the waste that have accumulated in the cells. Ginger can be used as additional spice in the foods that you cook. Yet, this can also be ingested by means of making a ginger tea.

Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi is a kind of herb that is not just excellent in providing solution to kidney failure. This is also found with properties which helps increase the strength of the passageways in the Urinary system. Specifically, the herb helps in providing properties which helps the nephrons to function well. When the kidney cells are regenerated, it will again have the capability to eliminate the wastes present in the body. In order to eliminate the filtered wastes by the nephrons, this herb helps strengthen the passageways of the urine for faster and more efficient urine excretion.


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