Herbs for Acne Treatment

Treating Acne with Herbs

Acne is a skin inflammation caused by blackheads, clogged pores and pimples. When dead skin cells build up with sebum it will clogged the pores until such time that it will swell and reddish. There are lots of options to treat acne and using herbs is the most inexpensive way.

Many people who suffer excessive acne are looking for ways on how to get rid completely the embarrassing skin problem. Despite of the various acne treatments, the natural treatment is gaining more popularity. This option of fighting acne is cost-effective and at the same time reduces the risk of developing other skin irritations. All you have to do is to choose the right kind of herbs that will not only treat acne but also nourish your skin. The good thing about using the herbs in treating acne is that it saves you from chemical exposure and at the same time restores the natural glow of the skin.

Various Kinds of Herbs for Acne Treatment

There are lots of herbs that reduce the toxicity level of the skin. It eliminates the risks of forming acne. Some of the herbs include bergamot, chamomile, dandelion root, lavender, burdock root and juniper. The herbs provide soothing effect in the skin and act as natural antiseptic to combat acne causing bacteria. In this way, the blemishes and inflammation are reduced. Aside from treating the acne, the herbs also uphold the vitality of the skin to make it look younger.

Other herbs that you can use are aloe vera and Echinacea that are good as antiseptic that makes the healing process faster. The natural herbs protect the skin from possible triggers of acne and eventually prevent the development of acne. You can also use the Echinacea to cleanse the skin because it has astringent properties. Likewise, the natural oil extract of the grapeseed is ideal for the healing process of the acne. It easily penetrates into the skin and reverses the possibility of skin inflammation. That is why most acne treatment products contain grapeseed oil because of the several properties that make it powerful in treating acne such as antioxidant, emollient and soothing properties. Moreover, lemon is also a good natural treatment for acne as it cleanses and tones the skin. Likewise, the lemon juice eliminates the bacteria as well as the dead skin cells that blocks the skin pores.

The herbal acne treatment is available in topical preparations and in supplement form. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that the herbs work depending on the condition of the acne. In this sense, it is ideal to consult skin specialist so that you will know the kind of herbs that would suit your acne condition. Using the natural herb remedy for acne is rewarding in the end as you could not only regain the beauty of your skin but also bring back the confidence and self-esteem.

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