Hernia During Pregnancy

Hernias that Affect Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a difficult adjustment for all women. Complicated and troublesome the maternal changes pregnancy may bring to women, hernias just further worsen the situation.

Women need information how to handle such situations. This health guideline will give you the information you need during such instances.

Definition of hernia

Hernia is defined as the out pouching of an organ or a part of it against the wall of the cavity that normally holds it causing it to protrude outwardly. It usually is related to weakness of the smooth muscle in that area. This protrusion causes a palpable mass which can obstruct nearby organ structures and cause poor blood flow to that area. Perforation of the tissue can cause internal bleeding. Aside from these complications, this protrusion of tissue outside its normal position can cause extreme discomfort and pain especially to pregnant women.

Here the most common sites of herniation in women during pregnancy:

Femoral hernia

As the term implies, the hernia is located in the femoral area. Usually near the lower inguinal area near the inner thigh. Depending on the size, femoral hernias can make it more difficult for pregnant women to ambulate and can disrupt their other normal activities. It can be caused by excessive weight lifting or pressure exerted on the site causing muscle weakness.

Umbilical hernia

Umbilical hernias are the most common hernias experienced by pregnant women especially towards the third trimester. Growth of the fetus inside the uterus, can cause extra abdominal pressure in the inside of the abdominal wall pushing the umbilical hernia outwards. This protrusion causes the mother to experience discomfort and pain due to the rubbing of smooth muscle. The mass could be tender to touch.

Ventral hernia

Ventral hernias are hernias usually associated protrusions thru a healed scar. If the pregnant mother has experienced caesarian section before, had her gallbladder operation or had appendectomy, the increase size of girth brought buy the growing fetus inside can cause herniation through the healed scars.

Treatment of hernia during pregnancy

The usual treatment for hernias during pregnancy is to prevent the size of hernia from getting worse. This is usually caused by excessive exertion. This forced effort can cause the hernia to protrude even more, making it worse. Because of this, women are discouraged to carry excessive weight bearing and to avoid foods that can cause constipation. They are also advised to use binders to keep the hernia from popping out but it is used as a support and not to push it in. Pushing the hernia in can cause pain and obstruction on the inside. Aside from this, addressing relief from pain is also a health intervention. Drugs are certainly avoided however the use of relaxing techniques, cold compress, and distraction can minimize the pain felt. Surgery intervention is delayed as much as possible until the baby is out.

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Name: toria

this information was very helpful to me.

Name: Nicole

I am having a hard time finding information about painful, groin hernias in pregnancies. I am 23 weeks and nervous about this hernia.

Name: lisa

i had surgery on a hernia right above my navel, and now since i'm about 2 months pregant i can feel the hernia popping back out. what should i do?

Name: Katnetra

I am 25 weeks preg and have a hernia above my navel and it is getting worse by the day. I have just about quit working and not getting better. I got it carrying my second child, I was told by my ob nothing they can do until after delivery

Name: Michelle

Hi all, i was told about month ago i have a hernia also. I am now 37 weeks with second child, so not long but it is killing me. Mine is up high in my abdomin. it right at top of uterus and where my ribs meet in middle. It's causing so much pain on my upper left side right below my rib cage. My whole pregenacy I have had a lot of heartburn and pain in last month. Is anyone feeling it here too?

Name: GayLynn

Yes, I have had the hernia right above my belly button for at least two months and today I am 7 months and noticing it is getting bigger while standing and hurts! This is my third child and I know each pregnancy is different but I too, Michelle am have severe heartburn and I just read that hernia's can result in heartburn... soooo miserable and hoping all I have been told by dr and websites this will not cause any harm to me or my baby>>>?????

Name: nicole

i am 24 weeks and i was wanting to know if you can still have the baby without having a c-section this is my first baby and i don't want to put my baby or myself in harm so if you have hernia do you have to have a c -section

Name: Jessica

I am 21 weeks and at 19 weeks i moved some couches and tv's and porbably shouldn't have. i have a 15 month old daughter and i cant pick her up sometimes, i can't turn certain ways, and when i walk it hurts. think its a hernia? i'm super scared that if it is i can't vaginally deliver my baby.

Name: carmela

Hey, I have a hernia just above my belly button, i had it just before i got pregnant, and i had it all the way through the pregnancy and gave birth vaginally with no probs to the hernia, it is painful and im trying to wait til my daughters is old enough to the point where im not constantly carrying her because i worry if i have the op too soon carryin a heavy toddler will just make it come back! Try not to worry girls, just wanted to reaasure you, you have a normal delivery and pregnancy with a hernia :)

Name: Chelsea

I am 29 weeks i have a hernia on both sides of my groin, i thought i was being a big whiner when i was complaining about the pain all the time, but i see here that others are in pain as well. im glad to hear that i can still have my baby without having a c-section however i was really worried about that.

Name: anita

My daughter is 7 months pregnant. she was just told she had a hernia. it is up high above her belly on the left- below her heart, like Michelle's I think... Being the concerned mom, What did your hernia feel like to other people? When I felt my daughters, it felt like a very squishy water balloon the size of an orange.. I'm thinking about getting her a second oppinion, it's painful for her, makes me sad :( did you guys have ultra sounds or something to confirm?

Name: Yvonne

Wow, makes it easier to know you are not alone in this hernia during pregnancy. I am just wondering if anyone knows anything about a specialized truss for pregnant women for growing hernias. I bought one today that will not work because the belt pushes on the baby belly. 3 months to go and it sure would be great to get a solution. I am ready to get out the duct tape.

Name: stephannie

I am going to have a hernia repaired in 2 months. Mine developed after 2 abdominal surgerys. I havent had any children yet (39yrs old), and am curious whether or not the hernia repair patch can handle the stress of pregnancy. Has any had a baby after a hernisa repair??

Name: Mallore

I'm 6 months pregnant and thought I was overreacting to the amount of pain around my belly button. this is my second child and I didn't remember having problems like this with my first. The doctor told me that its a hernia and my uterus will keep my intestines from popping through it. And she pretty much left it at that, not specifically helpful. What do I do to keep it from getting worse and is there anything at all to do for the pain? I took my son for a walk today and almost ended up in tears because walking hurt so bad? Unfortunately I'm now a single mom with no help at all and getting my toddler out of his crib is starting to become a challenge and I've still got a few months to go.

Name: Christin

I am so frustrated I am 30 weeks and for the last four weeks i was in and out of the hospital almost ever week, they couldnt figure out why i was in so much pain. FINALLY after explaining to them that i looked things up on the internet that my belly button had a huge lump under it they sent me to a surgeon saying it must be a hernia DUH!! Now all they said is oh its not big one and go back to your regular doctor to talk about pain managment, my regular doctor sent me home saying just take tylenol and youll be fine after delivery. I cant walk, never mind lay down, i cant bend, climb stairs, go to the bathroom, sneeze, cough with out crying my eyes out in pain. I have medicaid and there is no other doctors taking medicaid patients......I think this is just not right at all i shouldnt have to be suffering in so much pain. They did not even say bed rest or anything any advice would be great!

Name: madiha

Will hernia in pregnancy harm the foetus?


I am going to have a hernia repaired in 2 months. Mine developed after my first pregnency. I am planning for my second pregnency (31 years), and am curious whether or not the hernia repair patch can handle the stress of pregnancy. Has any had a baby after a hernia repair??

Name: kkemp

I'm 13 weeks pregnant, i live in Australia. this is my third baby. two days ago i was told i have two hernias one above my belly button and one just under my rib cage. I've been told strict flat on my back bed rest for most of the time, and to use a support bandage its a very tight tube top that is fine for the baby. also i've been told they would like to do surgery in apx 3 to 6 weeks time. luckily for me my eldest is thirteen and currently on school holidays so she is helping out. My hernia's are mostly due to the major abdomen surgery i had after my second baby. all i can say guys is try to not stress to much, try to get some extra family support. Mostly just hang in there hey. I dont want the surgery but if it helps then so be it.

Name: Mommy39

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and last week discovered that i have a ventral (incisional) hernia, as a result of the gallbladder op i underwent a few years ago. It's painful, unsightly and I'm frantic that the intestine is going to pop out as my tummy expands! They will usually avoid surgery until after the birth, because obviously they expect any repair to be unsuccessful while your tummy is still growing.... However - how to treat and/or live with it in the meantime...?!!!

Name: diva25

i have a hernia am 33weeks pregnant and this hernia is so painful sometimes when my baby moves i feel pain around the navel

Name: LIZ

i am 6 months preggos with my second child & today i was told i have hernia i got so depress & burst in tears because my doc didnt specifide if it was bad how can i prevented from getting worse or nothing she just said its normal it happens to most pregnant woman. i felt sad but now i feel better knowing that im not alone :).

Name: Winter

I'm 5 months pregnant with my second child and have 2 hernias one inguinal on the left side and one umbilical that I was born with. I've had surgery for an inguinal hernia on my right side before my first child was born and also had these 2 herinas present for the birth of my first. I had a vaginal birth with no complications anywhere and after my first baby the left inguinal disappeared untill now with my second, 4 years apart. You may not need to repair a hernia after pregnancy because the weight and pressure is no longer present, but everyone has a different reason for getting one and some are worse than others. Pain during pregnancy however, I don't know where to hold when I cough and the herina that I did have repaired 7 years ago feels a little tender. I hope this helps.

Name: Elaina

I believe that I have a herina too. My midwife just told me that it was a possibility. But the painful lump above my belly button and the bulge I feel inside my belly button is just like everyone else decribes. I was really worried about it and felt that the midwife did not have enough of a doctor's knowlege to help me with the problem. I feel much better now hearing that it is so common and there is nothing to be done until after pregnancy. I was worried that some how it could hurt the baby or maybe cut off some blood supply. Now I'm just worried about it popping through more when I'm pushing during labor. Has anyone heard of people with this problem having to have a C-section because of it?

Name: Gabby

Hello everyone. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and I'm suffering from extremely sharp pains near my hernia. I'm wondering if something is wrong with the baby? please help any feedback....the pain will disappear for a while and then come back strong again.



Name: Fathiya

hi, am 30 years old and am 24 weeks pregnant and having a herina , and my doctor advise to have two operations in the same day, they will do the c section then the herina, after the operation what kind of belt or corset i can wear. regards

Name: tanisha

Hi I'm 29 weeks pregnant n I have a hernia just above my belly button n I have no pain....but I'm still scared of having to have a c section....no doctor is givin me any answers.

Name: verna

Hi, I am 29 wks pregnant & scared. Don't want to have this but I do. I have a large inguinal hernia on the left & has recently developed another on the right. Worried that it will disrupt during vaginal delivery yet I do not want a c section since this is my first. I am 32 yrs. I feel like all the odds are against me. Please pray for me

Name: lisa keech

hiya i've just found out am pregnant again so early day's but i've had this hernia for five year's and am gettin a bit of pain already and am worried it will harm the baby.

Name: tawana

hi i'm 31 and pregnant with my third child. I developed my hernia during my second child and was waiting until she was walking and a little independent before i had my surgery. This little one was discovered while I was preparing for the hernia surgery. I am 17 weeks and have been in a lot of pain. Some days walking and laying on my sides are so painful. I have develop extreme constipation and trap gas around my hernia. (sooooo painful) I have just ordered a maternity belly band in hopes that it helps.

Name: mirabelle

Omg..Im from canada and i speek french so....sorry if my english is not too good.... I have a big hernia like 19 cm. and i'm pregnant for 9 week. My family doctor tell me to stop that pregnancy but for me its definitely a NO....He told me its too dangerous because my hernia is very big. But i read somewhere they could do an intervantion to fix that hernia during my pregnancy. I just want to know if someone of you know something about that.... Thanks

Name: Susie

Susie, from Australia. I have a hernia above my belly button and I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I developed this hernia in my second pregnancy due to picking up heavy objects, digging in the garden and lifting my other children whilst pregnant. It was painful at first but I have now stopped doing so much lifting and digging . I use a belly band which I purchased from a maternity shop in size small so that it fits firm but not tight. This helps with support. I have stopped standing up for long periods of time and this also helps. My obstertician said that it is common and can be fixed after the birth. It will have no impact on having a normal vaginal delivery and nothing to do with the baby. She also said that if the lump doesn't go away after about 6mth after the birth and some exercises I could get a few stiches to make it look normal again but it wasn't nessassary. Tanisha, Christina,Elaina and all the other mums out there who have a similar concern. You will be fine and you should try to have a normal vaginal birth. This will not be a concern when you are in labour. I have had three normal Vaginal births, two being with this problem and even though I initially thought it could interfere during labour I didn't think about the hernia for one minute. You will be concentrating on your labour pains. Just remember don't fight them go with them. I hope this relieves some concern.

Name: ashley

im 21weeks i have one above my navel and its very pain i dont want it to get worse. my kids bump into it my fiancee too sooo what else am i to do?

Name: Jill

I have had 4 csections and with my last one I had a really bad embilical hernia. they ended up putting me on percocet for 2 months straight to help the pain. Nothing was working and they delivered my daughter at 35 weeks. They did fix the hernia with the csection but it tor open 2 months later. I had to go back in and have mesh netting put in about 15 months ago. Now i'm almost 27 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby, and i ended up in the ER over the weekend and they said i have another embilical hernia and my intestines are poking out! I hope that I will be able to carry this baby for a while longer. Has any one else had to deliver early due to a hernia?

Name: bushra

I am so frustrated I am 32 weeks. My belly button had a huge lump under it they sent me to a surgeon saying it must be a hernia, Now all they said is oh its not big one and go back to your regular doctor to talk about pain management, my regular doctor sent me home saying just take tylenol. I cant walk, never mind lay down, i cant bend, climb stairs, go to the bathroom, sneeze, cough with out crying my eyes out in pain. I have medicaid and there is no other doctors taking medicaid patients......I think this is just not right at all i shouldnt have to be suffering in so much pain. They did not even say bed rest or anything any advice would be great

Name: Kellie

I am 37 weeks pregnant and have an inguinal hernia. It is very painful at times, but all the doctors can do is wait until the baby is born. I am having surgery 7 weeks after my child is born. I am planning to have another child but I am scared if there is complications after the mesh is placed in. Did anyone have complications?

Name: Mary

10 years ago, I developed a large ventral hernia and an 8cm diastasis recti during my 3rd pregnancy. The general surgeon I consulted to do the repair would not do the repair without a plastic surgeon to open and close the wound and also to repair the diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal wall muscles where the hernia developed) I wonder how many women out there also have the diastasis recti and should be consulting plastic surgeons to assist in the repair? Perhaps a consult with a plastic surgeon would help some of you because I have had no problems. Hope this info helps.

Name: Melissa

Stephanie: I'm 30 and have had 2 children. My first hernia was surgically repaired about 3yrs ago, and I'm about to have my second surgery to repair the hernia caused by my second child. I was told the repair should hold through my subsequent pregnancies, but it didn't. This is based on my own experience, but I doubt it will hold. Also to Mary, this repair will involve a general surgeon, as well as a plastic surgeon. My first surgery left me badly scarred and with a great deal of scar tissue. The plastics guy supposedly will do a better job putting the muscles back together and closing the incision?? We'll see...

Name: shan

can i delivered my baby normally (vaginal birth) if i had hernia?

Name: Heidi

I am 27 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and I had noticed a hard lump at the top of belly button after having my second child. Now that my belly is growing with my 3rd child it it becoming quite painful when touched or if I lean against something. I suspected a hernia as I've had two surgeries that went through my belly button (Gallbladder and Ovary removed) and 2 c-sections as well. Now, I'm pretty sure that's what it is. I will talk to my OB next week, but has anyone had their's repaired during their c-section?

Name: Pettie Nyaga

Thanks Susie. I was getting worried because I have diagonised with harnia above my belly button. But i dont want to have it repaired until after my secound pregnancy.I am 27 weeks and realise I can control the paying by not doing so much duties or standing for long hours.Hope it will go after birth.

Name: Kirby Zirbs

my wife was going in for hernia surgery in one week. she has a small hernia just below her waistline. she had one on the other side similar spot when she was a small child. we just found out shes pregnant. are there any specific producsts, straps, shirts, anythign i can buy to prepare for pain management, support, etc. also for mgmt of my own mind, i am so angry at the doctor bc we knew about the hernia nearly 2 months ago. he put off the surgery with no reason and now with one week to go we have to put it off for a year and she has to be pregnant with a hernia. is my anger unfounded or if we did the surgery two months ago and then got pregnant it couldve been wors with the mesh in there. im freakn out.

Name: Toya

This is so incredible finding out that I'm not alone. Maybe if our doctors did a better job explaining things for us, answering questions without the quick brush-off, really listening to our concerns, we'd all be a lot better off. I developed a hiatial hernia from my 2nd pregnancy. The specialist didn't want to do surgery because it wasn't incarcerated, despite the pain I was in. Now I am pregnant (unexpected) with our 3rd child, 21 weeks along. Just today I started having incredible sharp pain in my abdominal area anytime I am upright, standing or sitting. Only when I lay on my side I don't have pain and can eat without severe pain. I am very worried. I will call my OBGYN and regular doctor in the tomorrow, hopefully they will be of some help. Whatever useful info I find I will share.

Name: Bria

I'm not sure how old these posts are, but I had 3 hernias repaired. (1 umbilical, 2 inguinal) I'm 8 months pregnant and haven't had any problems from them. So for those worried about pregnancy after repairs I'm sure it may vary from how soon after the repair that you get pregnant.

Name: Cassandra

I got an umbilical hernia and diastasis recti after my 1st child, got pregnant with my 2nd before I realized what it was, went through my 2nd pregnancy fine for the most part with some discomfort. With my 2nd c section I had my general surgeon place mesh for my umbilical hernia repair right after the OB got my baby out. Both dr's said it should be fine for future pregnancies. Well I knew by the 6 wk check up the mesh was not right. The surgeon who placed it brushed it off and told me to give it 6 months. I went back and showed him how it looks like it folded at the top, like a bone is poking out of my belly, and he brushed me off again. Went for a 2nd opinion and the dr said it is very messed up but best to wait till I'm all done having kids to repair it, but now I'm afraid to get pregnant again. Afraid my mesh will literally come out of my skin when my belly gets huge!!! Any similar complications or experiences???

Name: lisa

I am 27 and have an abdominal hernia as a result of going back to work too soon after gall bladder removal. I was told Dr will not do anything till its bigger. I was wondering if it was safe to carry a baby in the off chance I get pregnant. I'm not planning to anytime soon but sometimes it just happens. I am married and want children but dont know the risks.

Name: Heather

Hi ladies- I'm 18 weeks with baby #2, and I believe I have a hernia above my navel like many others here have described- will be going to the doctor in two days to have it checked. Just wondering- are/have any of you experienced internal deep muscle pain with this type of hernia or is it pain at the site of the protrusion? When I stand up and walk the pain is present- but it doesn't feel like it's from where the tissue is sticking out.

Name: renae

Hi there, was very relieved to read these other comments. I'm 13 weeks with baby #3 have had a hernia repair after my second baby, but I am getting alot of pain around my navel again! My surgeon told me if I had another baby he would see me again as it will pop out from another pregnancy. The same thing has happened to my sister and my dad has had several hernias a weakening in the wall of the stomach not much fun!

Name: Yolandi

Hi, I'm still in early days, 6 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby, and found out I had two hernias. It has been very painful the past 3 weeks and I look 6 months pregnant with the huge swollen tummy and buldge on my left side. Is there anything to do about the pain? My morning sickness is very bad, and its very painful if i'm nausuas.

Name: Nisha varghese

I am 31yrs old and having abdominal hernia after my 1st delivery. Now I am 5 weeks pregnant 2nd time. is it safe for me and the foetus inside. i do have certain discomforts with my tummy. will this hernia create any problem in me and the foetus for the next 8 months. is there anything i have to be bit careful for the rest of the months.

Name: vanessa

I developed an inguinal hernia with my third pregnancy, when bubs popped out the hernia went away. now pregnant with number four and only at 12 weeks my hernia is back and giving me way too much pain for my liking. i managed to have a normal birth with number 3 and while i pushed her out i held the hernia in. i'm just a little worried this time as its such a big bulge already!! :(

Name: Delicia

I have a hernia below my navel, & 18 wks pregnant with my third child. I talked to my ob about it she said it was normal to get a hernia & also sciatica during pregnancy which I have I am having a c-section because I also will get my tubes tight. I stopped exercise & working so now I'm home with my kids, gaining weight but happy.

Name: angelina

hi, i had a misscarriage when i had an hernia in my belly and i just want to know if anyone had pass through this febore because sometimes i ask my self if my misscarriage was cause by my hernia my baby was four months.

Name: Maria

Hi i'm 31 and im 14 weeks pregnant and I have a hernia right above my bladder I got it right after having my 5th child the dr removed it but it grew back and now i'm 14 wk preg and i'm kinda scared cause my babies are kinda big at birth my last child weighed 9lb and 4oz should I worry about this will it affect my baby and I was wondering if I could have the baby vaginal since my last baby was a c-section and its been the only one. Thank you.

Name: doris

i am 22 weeks pregnant and i have a hernia on top of my belly button that is killing me i have to be laying down most of the time because when i walk r even do allot in one day the pain is just crazy i cant even hold it but my dr tell me that they cant do anything till after i give birth so i guess i have to deal with that till i am done with my pregnancy..... But this helped a lot. i glad to see that i am not the only one with this problem and allot of people have this problem and almost everyone the dr say that we have to wait till after pregnancy

Name: Heather

I lost a bay a little over a year ago due to the ventral hernia I have which is very massive by the way...found out i am pregnant again I can not go through the loss again but I am strongly against abortions....I lost the last one at 21 weeks he was born alive but passed shortly after birth...it was very a very difficult thing to go through....now I am about 16 weeks very scared and hoping it will be a successful pregnancy.....I am really hoping to find some advice on what to do or some encouraging news on something to help me carry this baby to term....please help someone

Name: Erin

Hi everyone... I am 26 weeks pregnant and have a hernia in the middle of the bottom of my rib cage. The pain is debilitating and can bring me to my knees... I work at a Rehabilitation Hospital and it requires a lot of lifting. I'm thinking lifting is the wrong thing to do at this point... Do I keep testing fate with this or do I just quit? In and out of the hospital to push my guts back in and eventually they are gonna tell me surgery is my only option. Doc says just be careful, but how can u really b careful lifting people who are unstable and a risk for falls? I don't know whats best for me and baby.. Is it really worth it? I dont think so... Heather I'm not sure when u posted, but some advise is to just be careful and not do anything to put any kind of stress on the hernia. No laundry, no standing for long periods, eat healthy... I hope and pray for u and your lil bun...

Name: Amanda

Hello everyone. I have done so much research, and talked to different doctors about my hernia that is located above the belly button. I got it delivering my first baby. Now that I am pregnant again, it has grown to the size of a tennis ball. We have 5 more weeks to go. The doctor pulled me out of work over a month ago, due to the pain of it worsening. He told me to buy one of those bands for my tummy, but they are too constricting to the baby. I am just scared of going into labor, and it splitting open, causing harm to myself, or our baby boy. Doctors have said that it will all be fine, and there should be no problems. But if I can barely stand, how am I supposed to deliver a baby with this amount of pain? I dont think people understand what kind of pain we are all going through. There should be more information given to us on this. Even if it is truly going to be ok, they should make us believe it, instead of just saying, "it's ok", or " it's not that bad". WE NEED MORE INFO, MORE SUPPORT, AND MORE COMFORT!!! I mean, if out doctor isnt there for us, who is? I hope you all have gotten through things safely. Good luck to you, and yours!

Name: cj

Is a year and 5 months I had umbilical hernial operation and now my doc said dat I have to do it again but i am scared bcos I just married and will soon be pregnant for husband . Pls advice me

Name: cel

I have a younger sister and she's just 17 years old, she has a hernia and she got pregnant at that very young age. i'm really worried about her condition because I tried to ask some of my co teachers if is it possible to affect her pregancy since she has it? One of them told me that yes, It's really affect. I do need the exact explanation. so help me.tnx!

Name: Basavaraj C.M.

My wife had Umbilical hernia it got operated by laparoscopic surgery five years back(by inserting mesh) she is fine now , we have 12 years child , we are planning for second baby ,Is it safe to have second baby please give advice for the same , my wife is 37 years old.

Name: Haley

I am having my 2nd child, 2 months pregnant and I started to have a big problem of sleeping during the night as I was in so much pain. The doc. said that my muscles above my belly was torn into and I have a big Hernia right in the middle of the torn muscles, right between my rib cage. The doc says he cant do nothing for me because I'm pregnant. Will I have to go to another doc to get help? What can cure it without getting it cut out?

Name: candice

I had surgical repair for an umbilical and hiatal hernia when my kids were 2 and 3. The umbilical was there from my childhood and bulged and hurt a little with son #1 and more so with son #2. The hiatal hernia developed after the second pregnancy and they fixed both at the same time. My sons are 5 and 7 and I've had pain again for about a year. I know I need surgery again but the surgeon told me to wait until I was positive I wouldn't or couldn't get pregnant again because pregnancy would ruin the repair.

Name: Amanda

Hi ladies. Here is my advice. Through experience of my own and going through nursing school, I will tell you hernias and pregnancy are a pain. I had an emergency c-section with my son and the wound got infected. I was tore back open and left to heal with silver nitrate gauze and no stitches. I found out almost a year after having my son that I had a very large central herniation of the small bowel loop and a slight um ilical hernia. I am 29 and was told by a surgeon who had been doing these surgeries for almost 30 years that I needed to wait till after I am done having all my kids before getting repair. Pregnancy will only push the mesh repair out and can cause strangulation. You are less likely to have strangulation from a central herniation. Pregnancy will only cause more pain but if the intestines get strangulated during pregnancy, it can be repaired during the 2nd trimester. Pain management and rest is the best thing.

Name: Laquinta mcclelland

Hello everyone! I'm now pregnant with my third child I find out I had a little lump occurring after my first child. Then later a year I became pregnant with my second child. This hernia is very large and have had it since about three years. When I eat certain amount of food it sticks out more when I stand u can see a funny shape poking out my belly right above the hernia it pains a lot when I walk .

Name: Michelle S

Hello, i was told i had an umbilical hernia with my 4th pregnancy. I would have had a vaginal delivery but she was breach. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and i have a very big 2 year old that i try not to pick up often...but i do. The problem is i still have this hernia, my bellybutton has stuck out since i gave birth and continues to. Over the past 3 days i have noticed its real sensitive to touch and its it per sore, almost feels bruised inside. I still feel the baby move but i am nervous. I have even put my hand over it and its felt like there was air in there moving around....am i crazy? What do i do?

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