High Blood Pressure Complications

What are the Complications of High Blood Pressure

People suffering from high blood pressure should watch out because there are some complications that can be fatal such as stroke and heart attacks. Be careful of the impediments in the body because of high blood pressure. Some of them include stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure, metabolic syndrome and other kinds of diseases.

High blood pressure or commonly known as hypertension is often linked to some complications that can be fatal in nature. It is best to avoid some of its long term side effects by controlling the pressure of the blood flowing in the body. There are a lot of people suffering from this and it is increasing everyday. If you are one of them, it means that your artery walls are reaching its limit that has negative effects to the blood vessels and some organs like the heart. If this remains to be out of control, you can definitely bring further damage to the body. There are quite a number of complications that are often encountered by people suffering from hypertension

  • Heart attacks are one of the most popular complications of hypertension. It is mainly caused when the blood flow going to the arteries are hampered. This is needed by the heart for oxygen and nutrients. If you have high pressure of the blood, you will increase your chances of having heart attack. It can stress the heart that can lead to blockage formation.
  • Stroke has the same cause with heart attack which is blood flow interruption. With stroke, it happens in the brain. There are certain parts of the brain that are damaged. Clogging of blood vessels usually result to its rupture and blood leaks from it. With high blood pressure, you will increase the risk of having this problem.
  • High blood pressure result to kidney damage. The kidneys regulate the blood pressure in the body. If there is an increase in the flow of blood, sensitive filters would be damaged. This is a bad thing because fluids in the body can’t be controlled if this area doesn’t function well. This considered the most dangerous among the complication of high blood pressure.
  • In layman’s term, Atrial fibrillation is having a heart beat that is not organized. The pumping of the heart changes that it affects the flow of the blood in the heart. This often leads to formation of blood clots that gets stuck in the blood vessels.
  • There are several blockages the leads to coronary heart disease. It includes fats, cholesterol and macrophage. Blood pressure that unevenly shoots up can damage blood vessels. This results to damage and inflammation. A type of cell called macrophages is where the fats and cholesterol are trapped that leads to blockage of the blood.
  • High blood pressure is often the caused of metabolic syndrome. These are groups of diseases like high triglycerides, low high-density lipoprotein and high insulin levels.
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