High Cholesterol and Heart Diseases

High Cholesterol Can Lead to Heart Diseases

High cholesterol and heart diseases are said to be linked to each other. It is a known fact that high cholesterol can lead to heart diseases since the supply of oxygen and blood to the heart may get stopped. This happens owing to the deposition of fat like layer on the arteries.

People who suffers from high cholesterol level also runs the risk of suffering from various heart diseases which in the long run may prove to be fatal. It is therefore important to get it treated at the earliest before the situation moves out of control.

You need to consult your doctor if you are suffering from high cholesterol level, since high cholesterol is said to be directly related to heart diseases. The higher the cholesterol level in your blood the greater are the chances of you suffering from heart diseases as well as the heart attacks.

Cholesterol causes Heart Diseases

When too much of cholesterol gets accumulated in your blood, it eventually leads to a blockage of your arteries, the arteries get hardened up and thereby become narrow. All this prevents the flow of blood to the heart to lessen down. In the absence of adequate amount of oxygen and blood supply to your heart, you may suffer from chest pain which if aggravates further may lead to heart attack. Thus it is very much important that you keep a check on your cholesterol level and prevent it from increasing. The problem is serious since high cholesterol level does not show any of the symptoms from beforehand, hence the person may never know about it, till he gets a stroke or any other heart disease.
Basically there are two types of cholesterol levels- HDL and LDL. HDL means good cholesterol level and it works to prevent heart diseases, so if you have a higher HDL then it is better but LDL implies bad cholesterol, when it is increased then surely there is a cause of concern, so higher LDL means more chances of suffering from heart diseases.

Often the doctors prescribe Lipitor as the prescription medicine which helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels as well as the triglycerides in the blood. But this is accompanied by a low fat diet. The medicine has been found to be effective in reducing heart attack rates, chest pain along with other diseases associated with HDL.

Factors which Play an Important Role

A large number of factors play an important role in increasing the cholesterol level these may include the family history, weight, the diet which you have been taking, smoking and alcohol consumption. Though it may affect the younger population as well but more and more middle aged people including both men and women are at a greater risk of suffering from heart diseases. It is therefore every much important that you get your cholesterol level checked once in every five years.

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