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Removing Hives Naturally

What is Hives? What causes hives? How can it be cured naturally? What are the things that are needed to cure or treat hives at home without the help of medicine?

Hives are results of allergic response of the body from the food or medicine that had been taken. It could be that the body is sensitive from what has been taken and it reacts in the skin.

Anybody can experience hives and can be found in any part of the body. Frequently hives are red that comes out as round and very itchy feeling that can be found most of the time in the legs and arms. It usually causes a burning sensation and welt in the affected area.

Since hives is caused by allergic reaction, we need to assess what are the kinds of food that can contribute and trigger such skin disorder. Apparently causes of hives cannot be distinguish we can only speculate. The body can be sensitive to food such as fish, chicken, processed foods, dairy products, nuts and even the medicines that been being taken. It can also be the weather exposure to sunlight, extreme cold or the water that we drink or use as we bathe can be contaminated or is positive for bacteria.

People can also be sensitive from what is being applied to the skin such as lotion, soap, moisturizer, perfume and deodorant. It can also be acquired from pets, insects, mildew, germs, the clothes we wear, viral infection or an illness that need to have medical attention such as lupus or leukemia. Extreme sweating can also cause hives and even emotional stress.

If you are experiencing hives it is recommended that you treat it at once, hives cannot be determined until when it will last it is very unpredictable, in severe cases it would last for a couple of days or weeks, depending on the effect of the allergy that cause the skin problem, sometimes it would last for years however no need to worry as there is a treatment that can be done at home.
Hives Natural Treatment

  • By using calamine cream, milk of magnesia, oatmeal or cornstarch applied to your skin will help you sooth the itch and remove the swelling
  • Since anxiety is one of the causes of hives, it is advisable to drink nettle tea or any herbal tea to calm you down, you can also try chamomile and valerian as well.
  • Do not wear tight fitting clothes as it will only worsen the itch and burning sensation once the skin has direct contact with the clothes you are wearing.
  • The most effective way of soothing the itch caused by hives is by cooling it off through cold compress or by applying aloe vera gel to the affected part. Aloe Vera plant provides coolness once applied to the skin
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