Home Remedies for Otitis Externa

Natural Treatment for Otitis Externa

Otitis externa is usually experienced by swimmers. It is known as the infection of the external part of the ear and is characterized through inflammation of the ear. This often occurs when one’s ear is exposed in water. This can be recognized when the skin of the ears has prolonged contact with water. The skin will be softened and will appear natural barrier break downs which enable the fungi and bacteria to simply penetrate in the external part of the ears. In case you are experiencing the same problem, you would be looking home remedies for otitis externa.

There are some important things that could be needed to do when you are trying to know how to remove otitis externa. This ear illness can be recognized through its symptoms. You can feel a sudden pain in your ear when you try to hold it. In some instances, you can experience itchiness and lessen your ability to hear noise. There is also an appearance of yellowish liquid from your ear. Also, the skin becomes scaly and sometimes you notice hypersensitivity to ear movement. This ear infection is usually cased through too much exposure in water which allows the fungi and bacteria to infect the ear canal. So, if you are having trouble with the same illness, then you better know the home remedies for otitis externa.

Basic Cleaning Ear Process

The first step towards decreasing the pain is through draining and cleaning the ear canal. You can do this by rubbing it with alcohol which does not kill germs or bacteria but also causes fast evaporation of water. This home treatment option can also use as a preventive measure as well as a protection against ear any ear infections especially when you are planning to spend a long time in water.

Vinegar for Otitis Externa

Otitis externa can also be cured with the use of a few drops white vinegar. Al you have to do is to put a small amount of vinegar in one ear and make sure you properly drop it into the ear canal. Leave it in the ear canal for about three minutes. After that, turn the ear down so that to remove the vinegar and drain the solution from the ear. If possible put it into your ear two times for four days. Using vinegar as a treatment for ear otitis externa is very effective against any bacterial and fungal infection. It has acetic acid that reduces the development of bacteria.

Use Garlic to Treat Otitis Externa

Another effective home remedy for otitis externa is the garlic. This is highly used and applied by practitioners to cure some ear infections. Garlic has compound element called allicin that makes the garlic effective antibacterial treatment. You can also find some garlic oil for ear infection in drug store. There are also available recipes in the market for making home remedies for ear infection. So, you can purchase it and prepare it in your house. Also, this also helps you to reduce sudden pain.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

This is usually used when you feel a sudden itchiness in your ear canal. So, take a small piece of apple cider vinegar and dilute it with water or alcohol. Then, put three to four drops in your ears. Leave it for about five minutes.

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