Home Remedies for Pinworms

Treating Pinworms Naturally

Treating pinworms naturally is very much important as they are known to cause enough of irritation and itching. They may affect children and sometimes adults also. Home remedies for pinworms are available and include eating garlic daily, eating carrots in the breakfast. Include salads and vegetables in diet as fibre rich diet is known to reduce pinworms.

Pinworms are basically the intestinal worms which are known to occur in the children. However sometimes even adults too can get these pinworms. These are said to be present on the upper side of the colon and are known to cause irritation and itching around the anal region.

Symptoms of Pinworms

There are a number of symptoms of the pinworms like insomnia, itching, weight loss, bedwetting. Some of the children might also suffer from vomiting and appendicitis if they are having the pinworms. Most or some of the children are known to suffer from this problem. In girls they might even enter the vagina and are known to cause vaginal infection.

However one can always get rid of these pinworms in a natural manner. There are various home remedies available which if applied in the right manner will help you to get rid of pinworms.

Home Remedies for Pinworms

Children should always be asked to remain clean, so there personal hygiene matters a lot. It is the duty of the parents to see this. They should see that the bottom of the child is being kept clean. Always wipe the anal region with a wet cloth or wash with water. You should always keep your nails short, since if you are having long nails it becomes easy for the eggs to be hidden there in the nails. Garlic is said to work wonders in pinworms.

Eating garlic daily is recommended, the best way is to include it in your diet on a regular basis. You can also take garlic with honey daily. Include as much as possible more and more of roughage in the diet of your child so make him eat more of green leafy vegetables and salads.

Try to include fibrous rich diet in your daily food routine. Coconut too is known to be very effective in curing pinworms and it is one such food which is being used since ancient times in order to cure all types of pinworms which might affect not just the children but adults as well.

Carrot too is having basic nutritional values in curing the pinworms. Try to eat as much carrot as possible as it is known to kill the pinworms. You can eat carrots daily as the very first thing in the morning, but do not include any other thing with it in the meal. You will see that the worms will go away very quickly.

If the problem of irritation persists it is best to consult your doctor.

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Name: gigi

We have been sufferning with pinworms ...For 3 years on and off...Went to Chucky Cheese and it was the worse mistake evern..There was an outbreak and of course the first and last time we were there...So We thought we had this over with and it reappears every so many months..i think we went a year...I am at the end of my rope...We are clean the house it clean...WHY!!!! So the over cleaning obsessing and crying starts again...I have tried the Vermox the Metrobenzole (?) treatments but there is something..That keeps making them come back..Humans and Animal fur are the only way to get this...Where do these things orignate from? I am going to try all the herbal and natural remedies...Something had to get rid of these THINGS!!! We are starting Kindergarten and I want them gone...I do not want her labeled or infecting other children...Any other tips I am going to try the garlic & honey , pumpkin seed and the clove oil....garlic & vaseline...So round 30 here we go!!

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