Home Remedies for Skin Fungus

Natural Cure for Skin Fungus

There are various types of skin fungus that affects the feet, scalp, underneath toenails, groin areas and any other parts of the body. It is very easy to treat skin fungus because they are usually visible. Treating skin fungus is possible through medications or by using home remedies.

Skin is the front liner that is usually affected by bacteria, virus and fungus. This is because most of the time the skin is damp, moist and wet. This is the reason why the skin easily gets fungal infection. Obviously there are different types of skin infections. The common symptoms of skin fungus include itching, rashes, redness and skin shedding. It is important to clean the affected area as soon as you experience itching. You can use home remedy tips that can help in getting rid of fungal infection. In this way, the spread of the infection will be prevented. Employing homecare measures is an effective way of eliminating skin fungus.

Effective Home Remedies

  • Washing with water and soap – cleaning the affected area is the first thing to do. You should wash the affected area with water and soap. The infection is due to the accumulation of germs when the skin is wet due to sweat. Likewise, after cleaning the affected skin area do not forget to wash your hands. Otherwise, if you will not wash your hands there is a great possibility to spread the infection to other areas.
  • Tea tree oil – This is an effective home remedies that can cure skin fungus. It has an antibiotic property that treats bacteria, fungal and viral infections. However, you should not apply directly pure tea tree oil onto the skin as it would cause irritation. The best way is to dilute the two parts of tea tree oil with one part of olive oil. As much as possible you should try first the mixture on a small patch to test the strength.
  • Apple cider vinegar – Diluted apple cider vinegar is another home remedy for skin fungus. In case of fungal infection in your feet, you can soak it into the solution for few minutes. This is applicable for athlete’s foot.

In case that the home remedies listed here is not enough to treat the skin fungus then you should seek medical intervention. Adhering medical approach the doctor will recommend using anti-fungal treatment. You can buy anti-fungal cream but make sure to buy the right cream suitable for the skin fungus you have. You can also use anti-fungal powder and sprinkle it on the affected area as well as in areas susceptible to skin fungus infection including the back and under arms. On the other hand, there are herbs listed in www.livestrong.com that you can use in treating skin fungus. Keep in mind that whatever treatment you may use would not be effective without maintaining proper hygiene.

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