Home Remedies for Tendonitis of The Elbow

Natural Cure for Tendonitis of The Elbow

Inflammation of the tendon in the elbow is called elbow tendonitis. This condition affects the muscle in the upper arm as well as the lower arm. Looking for home remedies for tendonitis can help alleviate the inflammation.

Elbow tendonitis is very common to athletes especially those who are involve in excessive throwing. The tendon can be inflamed when there is so much stress. There are different methods of treating elbow tendonitis depending on the area affected. Usually, tendonitis pain lasts for 3 weeks that is why more time is required to fully recover. However, in severe cases of elbow tendonitis the treatment would lasts for a year. Thus, for successful treatment patience is needed otherwise the condition might recur. Aside from medical intervention, you can also consider some home remedies for tendonitis of elbow.

Home Remedies

  • Rest

In most cases elbow tendonitis heals on its own by taking enough rest. This means that if an athlete suffers tendonitis he or she should stop from physical activities in order to give enough time for the elbow to rest. Likewise, lifting of heavy objects should also be avoided so that the injury in the tendons will not be aggravated. He can only resume to the normal activities if the pain already subsides.

  • Ice

According to research, ice therapy is one option of home remedy for elbow tendonitis. This is because the ice reduces the pain, swelling and inflammation in the joint. Ice pack can be used and applied in the affected area within 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure within 48 hours after the injury occurred.

  • Acupuncture

This procedure is also considered as home remedy that provides short-term relief of pain. The procedure should be repeated at least three times weekly for several weeks in order to achieve best result.

  • Massage

Another home remedy is through massaging. Transverse massage is recommended to improve the blood flow in the affected area, reduce the pain, and prevent adhesions of the connective tissues as well as scar tissue. However, the patient should inform first the person who will do the massage if he has unhealed fractures.

  • Support Braces

You can use support braces as home treatment for elbow tendonitis. In this way, the braces will support and limit the movement of the affected tendon. This can be used in the rehabilitation period especially in the areas including elbow, ankle, neck, knee, wrist and heel.

On the other hand, consulting your health provider should be the first step to take after the injury. In this way, you will know the right action to take.

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