Home Remedies for Water in Your Ear

Natural Cure for Water in Your Ear

Those who are fond of swimming and have a long time exposure in the water are usually experiencing ear canal pain and bacterial or fungal infection. When you swim and suddenly submerged in water, you feel quite a losing ability of hearing and sometimes experience a little bit of irritation. If you neglect this condition, this could lead to a severe ear infection. It is better if you treat it with home remedies.

Water in ear can be a disgusting condition because it can make you feel discomfort. This ear infection is usually recognized through its symptoms. You can experience a yellowish fluid that is usually dropping down from your ears. You can feel a sudden irritation and sometimes eventually hearing tinny noise. But, since it is usually taken as a normal condition by some people, ear infection could be neglected and cause harsh condition. Once you have experienced the same condition, you better go to your doctor. You can also use the first aid which is some of the home remedies for water in your ear. Here are some for you.

Vinegar and Alcohol

Alcohol is being used for killing bacteria and fungi. Vinegar is a substance could help to remove irritation and sudden pain. Preparation process for this treatment is very easy. All you have to do is to mix the rubbing alcohol and white vinegar with equal quantity. Mix carefully the mixture in the dropper and directly apply at least two drops of the solution to both ears. But, make sure that your head is properly tilted in order to let the drops to effectively penetrate your ear canal in the about five minutes. Then, prepare a clean towel and put it to the ear gently in order to drain the external ear part. Also, you can use water as a substitution for alcohol in this solution, but still alcohol is better since it can both evaporate fluid and kill bacteria.

Use Hair Dryer

Once you have notice that your ear is having yellowish liquid and suddenly feel irritation, don’t panic. Figure out if your air has water. In case it has fluid in your ear, don’t just look for some ear chemical medicines, instead try to sit first and use a hair dryer in order to dry it. Make sure that the hair dryer is in good condition and safe to use. Set the dryer on a low warm setting. Never set it on a hot setting! Then, slowly put the dryer near into ear and carefully blow it for five or seven minutes, as you move it side to side. Also, do not blow the air directly into ear in a long period of time because it can cause to another ear problem.

Prepare a Garlic Solution

Pound a garlic into a bowl and cover it with little amount of olive oil. Leave the mixture overnight. Then, mix the garlic from the oil and directly apply it into your ear. You can apply it for three to four drops. Make sure that your head is tilted for five minutes in order to ensure the penetration of the mixture in the ear canal. Then, turn your head into the opposite side to drain it out.

Consider Oils for Ear Swimmer’s Water

In order to prevent entering water to your ear, you should apply two to four drops of any types of oil to your ear before submerging in the water.

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