Home Remedy for Insomnia

Treating Insomnia Naturally

Treating insomnia naturally is possible if you make some essential changes in your lifestyle like avoid drinking tea and coffee during the late hours of night, taking hot shower before going to bed. There are various home remedies for insomnia like eating curd thrice a day, drinking celery juice with honey, doing meditation.

If you are suffering from inability to sleep then chances are that you are suffering from Insomnia. It is quite a problematic situation since it affects the daily routine as well. If this is left untreated, the result is tension, anxiety accompanied with stress.

Your personal relations are also affected. Some of the causes responsible for insomnia are overeating, drinking more and more of caffeine and tea or excessive smoking. If you are suffering from chronic insomnia then it might last for more than a month if left untreated. Thus it is quite essential to find out the cure.

Home Remedies for Insomnia

There are various home remedies which are available to treat insomnia. Eating curd thrice a day is said to be effective in the treatment. You need to mix 1 tsp of honey in a glass of warm water and mix the two. Take this before you are going to sleep. Taking fenugreek leaves juice with honey is also said to be good in the treatment.

Drinking celery juice mixed with honey is also helpful if taken before going to bed every night. You also need to drink at least one glass of milk regularly and add half teaspoon of honey into it. This helps to fight insomnia.
Bananas are also said to be effective. Take a mashed banana along with some roasted cumin seeds and mix them well. Eat it before sleeping at night. Eating salad of raw onion is also said to be quite useful in insomnia. It has been found that if you take bottle guard juice and mix it with sesame oil and massage it on the scalp, it will give relief to your brain and also help you get a sound sleep. If you don’t prefer doing this then you can also eat the bottle guard as a cooked recipe.

Change in Lifestyle to Treat Insomnia

Some of the exercises too have been found to be helpful in treating insomnia, if you go for regular jogging, walking, swimming and other kinds of physical activities you will find a sea change in your health condition. Doing meditation too reduces stress and anxiety and hence to give you a better sleep which is otherwise not possible.

Avoid watching TV or drinking tea or coffee during the late hours of night. Taking a hot shower just before going to bed will also work the best in giving you a sound sleep and thereby in treatment of insomnia. Try to make tea of aniseed and drink it. This too helps.

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