Home Treatment for Lice and Nits

Natural Remedies for Lice and Nits

The infestation of head lice is very common among children but can also affect the adults, and this only indicates that anybody regardless of age can be infested with this head problem. Do you have any idea of the suggested home treatment for lice and nits? Treat this common problem through the application of home treatment for lice and nits.

The Quest for Home Treatment for Lice and Nits

Head lice infestation, or referred in medical terminology as “pediculosis”, is the invasion of parasitic head lice in the heads of many people of all the ages. This head problem is more endemic among children but the case is not only limited on younger people as the adults can also be afflicted with this condition. Studies show that children under the ages of 3 years up to 10 years old are prone to head lice and nits, according to medicinenet.com.
It is said that girls are more susceptible to catch head lice than boys and due to the active lifestyle of children they have greater chance to acquire the condition in numerous ways. Personal contact with a person infested with head lice is the main cause of acquiring pediculosis. For instance, children love outdoor activities and are typically playful. If the people they play with have head lice then the parasites can transfer on their heads easily. Another way to acquire the condition is through wearing of hats, hair ribbons, coats, and uniforms from the person who has head lice. Within the family, it is easy to spread the parasites since the members are accustomed to share personal belongings like clothes, towels, and combs. Beddings, pillows, couches, and stuffed toys can also be infested with lice and will be transferred to the person using them.

Symptoms and Application of Home Treatment for Lice and Nits

Prior to treatment, there are several symptoms and indications that show a person is infected with pediculosis:

  • Itchy scalp due to the allergic reaction of the bites of the parasites
  • Presence of nits or lice eggs in the hair
  • If there are red bumps or sores on the scalp or to the neck as caused by scratching
  • If you’re head is infested, you can feel that something is moving within your hair

Once these symptoms are identified, then it is time to apply some home treatment to kill the head lice and nits. Here are some of the recommended solutions:

  • Application of OTC medications and prescription medicines – There are numerous over-the-counter medications that are used to treat pediculosis and prescription medicines as well. Before you apply, read carefully the instructions on the label.
  • Use nit combs – Comb the hair with a nit comb which is widely available or sometimes it is included in the lice medicine package.
  • Real mayonnaise treatment – It is believed that real mayonnaise can kill the head lice and nits. After a shower, apply it on the hair (use shower cap for protection) and leave it unwashed for overnight.

Essential oils like olive oil and tea tree oil are also used for treatment but with corresponding precautions and must not be used to children. Furthermore, Streetdirectory.com has more tips and home remedies for you in treating head lice infestation.

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