Homemade Remedies for Toothache

What Are The Homemade Treatment for Toothache

The pain felt in toothache can be debilitating. Even though this uncomfortable feeling varies from person to person, but still, it is very much inconvenient on the part of the affected person. There are available homemade remedies for toothache that you can use.

The treatment of toothache is not solely confined to taking medications. This form of treatment is oftentimes causing the person to spend a lot of money as well as to experience some untoward effects. With this, you must learn the homemade remedies for toothache.

Garlic and Onion Remedy

The first homemade remedy that you can do is the garlic and onion therapy. These are the two main spices that have the capacity to provide relief of the pain in this condition. The treatment does not involve too much process. What you just need to do here is to put a glove of garlic together with rock salt directly to the tooth that is aching. The use of the rock salt helps in killing the bacteria in the tooth which causes infection. Garlic as well as onion has antibiotic property that helps in the killing and elimination of the bacteria present in the tooth.

Use of Alcohol Remedy

Another proven homemade remedy for toothache is with the use of alcohol. The main action of alcohol is to provide numbing sensation to the tooth and gum affected. The type of alcohol used here is whisky. To do the remedy, you have to get a cotton ball and rub it with whisky. After you have done this, you must place the cotton ball in the gum or tooth that aches. This treatment provides immediate relief. However, the effect is just temporary. You need to do this homemade remedy several times a day.

Saltwater Remedy

Saltwater Remedy is also a proven effective homemade treatment for the case of toothache. The main action of this is to eliminate the cause of the pain, and that is by killing the bacteria present in the affected tooth. To do the saltwater preparation, you have to secure two tablespoons of salt and a glass of water. Mix the salt in the water until you cannot see any visible salt particles. After that, you have to rinse your mouth several times per day. This does not only kill and reduce the pain felt but also effective in minimizing or removing the inflammation present in the condition.

Black Pepper Remedy

Another homemade treatment for toothache is the black pepper remedy. This is proven effective in killing the bacteria present in the tooth that is affected. This particular spice has germ killing properties that can easily kill the causative agent of the toothache. To do the preparation, you have first to secure two or three spoons of black pepper, salt small amount of water. With the aid of these materials, you need to create an antibacterial composite. The composite must be applied directly to the aching tooth not only to eliminate pain but also to kill the germs that are present.

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