Homeopathic Migraine Relief

Alternative Medicines for Homeopathic Migraine Relief

Are you frequently suffering from migraine attacks and you’re still looking for some alternative medicines for migraine relief? Of all the types of headaches, migraine is considered the most painful and women are most affected compared to men; nonetheless it is not gender-specific so everybody must know the homeopathic migraine relief to fight the pain and discomfort caused by migraine.

The Search for Alternative Medicines for Migraine Relief

All of us experience headache and no one is exempted from this painful condition since many factors can trigger it no matter how we want to avoid it. There are different types of headaches and the most unbearable to experience is “migraine” which falls under the category of “primary headache disorders”. Migraine is characterized with the symptom of nausea and the person experiencing this throbbing condition complains pain only on one side or other half of the head. It is also pulsating in nature and there are instances that an aura is perceived before it strikes an individual (but only few people experience this). According to foxnews.com, women are most prone to migraine than men wherein studies show that in every four people that suffer migraine, three of them are females.

Medical experts haven’t found out yet the true main cause of migraine. The attack of pain may last from four hours and up to three days depending on its severity. The typical symptom of the condition is nausea which is sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Sensitivity to flashes of light (also referred as photophobia) as well as to certain sounds (phonopobia) are also signs of its attack. During a routine activity the pain felt can be worsen. Although the initial treatment used for temporary relief of headache are analgesics (as typical painkillers), there are alternative medicines available to diminish the pain of migraine attacks. If you’re one of them searching for homeopathic migraine reliefs then the lists are shown below.

Suggested Homeopathic Migraine Relief to Ease the Pain

Drinking a lot of water every day for at least 8 glasses can help in reducing the episodes of migraine, as experts explain that dehydration also results to headaches. Stress and insufficient sleep also triggers frequent incidents of migraine headaches, so it is strongly advised to get enough of sleep for 6 to 8 hours and give time for yourself to take ample rest to remove the stress out of the body.

The following are the suggested homeopathic migraine relief as practiced by many:

  • Rubbing of peppermint oil on the part of the head which is affected by migraine attack. This will provide a soothing effect to reduce the pain and nausea.
  • Taking of supplements with 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), Magnesium, Riboflavin (or Vitamin B2), and CoEnzymeQ10 are also beneficial in migraine relief. Get an advice from your doctor for the right doses of each supplement
  • Extracts from natural herbs like Feverfew, Butterbur, and Ginger are proven to be effective against migraine.
  • Application of cold compress.

If you want to learn more about migraine, health.howstuffworks.com has enough information with reference to this condition.

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