Homeopathic Remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes Treatment with Homeopathic Medicines

One can’t enjoy homeopathic treatment until this method is not understood properly. Understanding homeopathic remedy is best support for easing treatment. Typical feature of homeopathy is its unique diagnosis that confines on targeting symptoms of diabetes and suggests medication for that rather than treating the disease for better cure. Perhaps this is the main reason that homeopathic remedies are often preferred options for diabetes treatment.

In trend for centuries, homeopathic remedies are preferred options to treat diabetes. This therapy doesn’t have any side effect and is excellent option to rouse body of diabetic patients and prepare it for fighting with this chronic disease through natural healing process. As homeopathic remedies concentrate on clear cut understanding of symptoms rather than fixing treatment to mere cure homeopathy is always accepted wholeheartedly.

Treatment: Homeopathic remedies start with exact understanding of symptoms. Care is taken in this process because symptoms vary from person to person. Experts make note of improvements and keep changing medicine dosages or combinations through required alteration over and again on the basis of progresses. Such arrangement makes the remedy unique and effective. This alternate medication shouldn’t be mixed with other therapies at one go. The mix up may worsen the situation rather then improving it.

Why Homeopathic Remedies: There are certain features of homeopathic treatment which make this therapy special. Use of phosphoric acid is considered an important feature of this remedy that has capability to ease symptoms. It also lessens long-term stress in the nerves which can cause high blood glucose level. Major symptoms of diabetes including anxiety, grief and urine with extra sugar are also taken care of through this remedy.

Homeopathic Remedy for Diabetes: The symptoms mentioned above indicate diabetes is in its primary stage which can be cured easily. Sufferers continuously pass colorless urine. Use of Natrum sulphuricum improves health in this remedy. As diabetes is a chronic disease which may creates several abnormalities in body due to increased sugar level it can’t be left untreated. Improper functioning of pancreas disables body of a diabetes patient that can’t produce required insulin. Homeopathic remedies improve one’s health through eradicating these symptoms.

Famous Medicines: Bryonia is prominent homeopathic medicine to control diabetic symptoms at its initial stage when one complains of dry mouth, reduced appetite and lethargic feeling. Similarly Argentum metallicum is best homeopathic medicine for increased urination. Other medicines are Syzygium jambolanum that helps in diminishing extra sugar from urine. Causticum, Scilla and Strophanthus are other medicines to treat diabetes. List of such medicines is countless in homeopathic remedy.

Benefits: Though the proven fact can’t be denied that there is still no complete cure for diabetes but timely treatment can definitely prevent this disease from further spreading. Homeopathic remedies work exclusively in these areas for timely recovery and overall improvement in health.

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Name: akhilesh kumar pathak

sir, i am suffering from phimosis also with diabetic by 3 years.i am 41 year old,height 5.5",wght 66 kg.pls advice homeopathy remedies. thanks and regard

Name: S S Bawa

Was first time detected with type 1 diabties in November 2009, had tratment for three months from allopathic doctor. Could maintain glucose level within prescribed limits for alomost two years with diet control and excercise (without medicine). My age is 52 height 167 cms & weight is 88 kgs (which is on the higher side). Last three months due to increased stress & bit of carelessness my gluco level has increased, please suggest a homeopathy remedy for the same. As a professional I have a desk job to do and need to be seated for almost eight to 10 hours a day.


Please let me know whether Diabetes is curable completely by Homeopathy? Allopathy Doctors say it is incurable disease, once it happens, it will be long life, Allopathy can only help to maintain Sugar Level, after some times Medicines Doese are increased .

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