Homeopathic Remedy for Herpes

Treatment of Herpes in Homoeopathy

Homeopathic remedy for herpes includes Merc Sol, Sepia, Calcarea, Ter, Borax. These are given depending the kind of herpes which the person suffers from. Though basically there is said to be no cure for herpes but treatment of herpes in homeopathy is available which can prevent as well as cure the disease.

Herpes is said to be one of the most dangerous kinds of sexual diseases which is said to be widely prevalent around the world. Herpes causes blisters on the body which are said to be quite painful and they are infectious also.

Herpes is a Deadly Disease

Herpes is said to be deadly since if it is left untreated it might lead to liver damage and may also become a cause of blindness. Genital herpes is known to be a prime factor responsible for cervical cancer as well. Basically there is no cure for herpes which is basically but still homeopathy offers a remedy for curing herpes which indeed is a good and positive sign.

Homeopathic Medicines Available for Treating Herpes

These days a number of homeopathic medicines are available which might treat as well as cure herpes. There is a complete list of homeopathic medicine which is used in the treatment of herpes. These includes Natrum mur, Petroleum Causticum, Rhus tox. Apart from these medicines there are a few others which too are used. Mercurius Solubilis is one such medicine. It is basically used for the treatment of herpes in which bleeding starts from gums, there is foul smell which comes from the breath. If these are the symptoms present then this medicine is given.

Sometimes sulphur is also used for the treatment of herpes in which burns occur on the body especially on the mouth blisters are formed. In this case the homeopathic medicine Borax is also used to treat blisters on the mouth. It is used twice a day. However, if there is no improvement after using this medicine then it is recommended that this medicine usage should be discontinued.

Yet another remedy is Thuja. This homeopathic medicine is taken in order to prevent the outbreak of genital herpes. If you are not using this medicine properly then chances are that this disease may get worsened even. Thus it is recommended that you need to take this medicine only if it is recommended by the doctor.

Some other homeopathic medicines in use for the treatment of herpes are Merc Sol, Sepia, Calcarea, Ter. But make sure you are taking these medicines after showing to a doctor and not on your own. Basically when you consult the doctor for the treatment he will be asking for your family history and your physical and medical history as well before he can begin the treatment. Prevention is said to be the best medicine in herpes.

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