Homeopathic Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Homeopathic Remedies

Treatment of Erectile dysfunction is available in homeopathy and has been found to be quite effective as well. There are various medicines which are available which are given to the patient suffering from Erectile dysfunction. These include Argentum nitricum, Angus Castus, Causticum. Homeopathic treatment for Erectile dysfunction cures the disease from its root.

Erectile dysfunction is known to occur in men and is most common among men above the 65 years of age. Most of the time it becomes a source of stress and discomfort for the men as they suffer from loss of sexual drive and are thus not able to satisfy their partners. There are various factors responsible for the same which could be psychological reasons, vascular diseases, nerve injury or spinal chord injury.

Those who suffer from the same find difficulty in erection. They may also be under stress and may suffer from depression. Homeopathy however offers a ray of hope for such men as there are treatments available for the same in homeopathy.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

However before the treatment can begin it is very important to get the case history of the patient as to what basically are the factors responsible for the same. This will include not just sexual history but also medical history of the patient to see if he is suffering from any disease or not. It is only after this that the doctor can make a right judgement about the person in question.

Homeopathy helps in treating and curing the disease from its root and hence is considered to be effective. Since the homeopath will be giving the medicines along with natural treatments so it is more likely that there are no side effects available for the same. As homeopathy takes into account the exact factors responsible for the problem so it is particularly helpful in treating the disease. However the medicine will take a considerable longer period of time in curing disease and so the patient might have to eat the medicines for long time.

Medicines Available in Homeopathy

The medicines which are available in homeopathy for treating erectile dysfunction are- Angus Castus which treats the cold sensation which is felt in the genitals; Causticum is used for the treatment of sexual urges which have become weakened as well as for the physical dissatisfaction during intercourse.

A number of men have been found to be taking Asian ginseng and Withania somnifera for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as well as lower sexual urges, and most of these medicines have been found to be helpful as well.

Argentum nitricum is also prescribed for those men who might not be feeling comfortable and dissatisfied at the time of sexual intercourse.

Apart from this changes in diet and lifestyle are also required to be made since medicines will work well once you are leading a healthy lifestyle.

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Name: Rasheed

sir, I am 55 years of age and suffering from chronic erectile problem since many years, can you suggest some good homeopathy medicine which is available in india. Thanks for your early reply . regds. Rasheed, mail: rasheedop@hotmail.com

Name: parveen khan

sir i m 34 years old suffuring from erectile problem since 4 years. and also high blood pressure.

Name: mohan

sir, i am 50 years for the past 6 month i felt erectical problem. last 8month i took starpres xl25 for bp and metpharmin 500 for type 2 diabet wether the medicine is the rout cast pl. suggest homeopathy medicine for E>D moreover iam non smoker ocationel drinks wt 95 kg 178cm

Name: Bitirna Dey

Sir, i'm suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation for the last 9 months. Please help me out.

Name: muhammad ehsan qureshi

I am +65 and suffering from type-2 diabetes and ED please advise me what to do overcome both the diseases? thanks

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