Hot Sweats in Men

Home Remedies for Hot Sweats in Men

There are various home remedies for hot sweats in men which are available and have been found to be quite effective as well. These include keeping the room temperature cool by opening doors and windows of the room, wearing loose clothes at night time. Hot sweats in men can also be treated through avoiding coffee and alcohol.

It is not just the women who may suffer from hot flashes rather sometimes men too may suffer from the same. The situation might become quite complicated for men who are having hot sweats at night time. Sometimes the situation may be so grave that they may have to change their clothes as well. Thus it can be regarded as a serious issue as it might affect the overall health and lifestyle of the men who are having hot sweats.

Causes of Hot Sweats

Sometimes, hot sweats occur in men if they are suffering from fever or cough and in this case the problem is resolved only with time. But if this is not the case, then surely it might be due to something more complicated.
In most of such cases it is recommended that you need to consult a good doctor who will tell you as to the reasons why this is happening, he will ask you to undergo some essential tests and X rays and only then the exact reason can be found out. If you are suffering from tuberculosis, then too you are likely to suffer from hot sweats.

Symptoms of hot sweats- basically it is the face which first reveals the symptoms and then your neck and chest along with arms which tend to be affected by the same. At times, skin may become reddened and you may start perspiring excessively. In most of the cases these are likely to be affecting your lifestyle and if they occur at night time then your sleep will get disturbed. You may also have weakness and fatigue.

Treating Hot Sweats

When it comes to getting treated hot sweats in men, it is very much essential that you should first of all try to know as to what are the basic causes for the same- whether they are just due to wrong diet or due to hormonal changes in the body. Once you know, then treatment becomes easier. Make sure you are wearing loose clothes at night time. Prefer to wear cotton clothes. You need to control the temperature of your room and home as well. Black cohosh, soy are found to be effective in treating hot sweats, try to eat these. You can also include ginseng and more of Vitamin E rich diet. You will surely see a change in your life. Keep the windows of your room open so that temperature inside remains cool. Yoga and meditation too have been found to be quite effective.

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Name: Greg

I have a hot flash type feeling every couple weeks or maybe a month apart. I suddenly feel weak and a little sickish. I will then start sweating and soak all my clothes. Mostly in daytime and almost never at night. Lasts any where from 10-20 minutes and then all is well. May go a month before another. I take blood pressure Avapro and Bystolic medicine and Nexium. I am 67 years old and in great health other than this. Any help on this? Greg

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