How Is Staph Infection Spread

Learn How Staph Infection Is Spread

Staph infection is one of the most common yet serious infections involving the any system of the affected person. Truly, prevention is better than cure. That is why; you have to learn on how staph infection is spread.

In order to avoid the possibility of staph diseases occurrence, you have to know the possible ways on how this is transferred from one place to another or from person to person. Idea about this will make you aware of how you can prevent it.

Transmission after Operation

Staph infection is transmitted after undergoing surgery. However, this only happens when the materials as well as the process of operation is not that sterile. When the operation is not clean, staph infection will develop easily. In order to avoid the development of the staph infection, you have to maintain the cleanliness of the wound. If you are using bandages, see to it that it is sterile or at least clean. The most common signs and symptoms are:

  • Burning sensation
  • Swelling of the affected part
  • Pain
  • Redness

Transmission through Infected Objects

Aside from acquiring the infection via operation, the contact with objects that are infected with the microorganism is also another means of its transmission. The transmission of this is like in common colds. One the microorganism already harbors in a particular object, future patient will easily be infected with the infection once he has contact with the object. This form of transmission usually happens in crowded places like apartments, dormitories, malls, hotels and houses. In such places, the organism is found in the toothbrushes, razors, clothing, towels and linens. There is a notable fast spread of staph organism especially in objects that are infected with body fluids and sweat. The fluids' moist matched with humid and warm environment makes a good breeding ground for the growth of the bacteria.

Direct Contact

Direct contact is also another means of transmission of staph infection. When we say direct contact, this refers to the attachment from the affected person by a person that is not yet affected with the organism. The mode of transmission here in other terms is skin to skin. Integumentary system is the one of the most common affected part of the staph infection. When healthy skin contacts the infected one, the organism living in the pores of the infected person will easily be transmitted.

Prevent Staph Infection by Hand Washing

The most basic way in order to prevent the possibility of staph infection transmission is by practicing hand washing. Hands are the part of the human body that comes in contact with the organism. That is why; this is always exposed not only to staph organisms but also to the other microorganisms. It is very much essential to use antiseptic solutions when you are doing hand washing. In addition to that, the length as well as friction of hand washing also contributes a lot to the killing rate of the organism.

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