How to Avoid Eating Disorders

Prevention of Eating Disorders

What are the different kinds of eating disorders? What are the causes of eating disorders? How to prevent or avoid eating disorders? How to cure eating disorders?

There are different kinds of eating disorders, one is different from the other, but the cause that made the individual experience such eating disorder is just the same: the person is going through emotion instability and they are conveying what they feel through their eating habits.

Kinds of Eating Disorders

Eating disorder habits have been summarized into three general categories: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.

Each eating disorder has different signs and symptoms but can be cured in a similar way.

Anorexia is a type of eating disorder that has is afraid of gaining weight which results to missing out meals, extreme exercise, a preventing social gathering, losing weight and often sick because of no food intake.

Bulimia is eating excessive food with the motive of throwing up afterwards. People that have this eating disorder habit tend to diet but at the same time tends to eat lots of food and by throwing up they have the idea of eating the food they want and at the same time has the option of not absorbing the

Binge Eating Disorder on the other hand is far different from the other types. The person who is experiencing this kind of eating habit is not conscious of his/her body but will not stop eating until the person feels satisfy with all the food that had been intake. Sometimes people who are tense, upset, stresses, discourage and heart broken are the person who tends to be binging.

Causes of Eating Disorders

Which ever eating disorder is being experience by an individual, expert says that common cause of this is the person’s environment: people around him/her, social relationship. It can be a separation from love ones, financial difficulties, physical consciousness, major changes in life, bad experiences and other stressful incidents.

Ways to Prevent Eating Disorders

  • Life brings different experiences, it may be frustration and discouragement, but you have to face the truth that everybody is experiencing obstacles in life.
  • Avoid being alone. Try to talk your worries over with your friends, your families or love ones, for sure they will understand and will provide helpful opinions to help you out.
  • Plan a vacation or go to places that will help you forget your stressful experience.
  • Read self help books or do some hobby that you enjoy.
  • If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a medical adviser for further help and advise on how to avoid eating disorders

People who are experiencing eating disorders needs to evaluate their own emotionally stability with honesty for them to realize that this condition may result to illness and needs professional help for them to be cure. It is all in the mind, this is a psychological issue.

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