How to Avoid Insomnia

Ways to Avoid Insomnia

Who experienced insomnia? How a person does get Insomnia? How to avoid Insomnia? What is the effect of Insomnia?

What are the reasons why people have sleeping problems? Experts are saying that most of the times that people can not sleep are because their mind is pre-occupied by things that had happen in their lives, it can be loss of job, discouragement, social relationship, personal problems, financial troubles and other pressure.

Insomnia is a sleeping problem than can engage in staying awake even if you feel exhausted, getting up early and have not enough sleep, easily awaken and of course unable to sleep.

Types of Insomnia

Insomnia comes in different types; it can be a temporary insomnia that can only be experienced for quiet sometimes, can be easily coped with. Short term insomnia however is sleeping problems that may be experienced for more that a month, this causes irritation and exhaustion. Lastly a person may experience long-term insomnia and this can be a severe condition, it can be an ongoing and continuous case that needs attention or help from medical adviser.

Who Experience’s Insomnia?

  • Study shows that about a large percentage of individual has sleeping problems in some phase of their life. Commonly women experience sleeping problems than men but as they grow older men are more vulnerable to insomnia.
  • Children may experience insomnia if they were threatened by imagination such as ghost, or have been afraid of darkness or being alone during their sleep.
  • People who are 70 years older experience short sleeping time compare to younger age.
  • Ill or sick people may not be comfortable in sleeping, as they are not at ease on what they feel, they may be in pain or the medication that they are taking includes caffeine.
  • People who are working at night and had been scheduled day time may have a hard time sleeping or if you have travelled from a country that has a different time zone.

How to Treat and Avoid Insomnia?

  • Insomnia can be treated by relaxation of the body and mind. You need to find a quiet place to rest and relax. Comfort is a big factor that you need to take in to consideration, make sure that bed you are sleeping is comfortable enough.
  • Try to unwind, free your mind from negative thoughts, set aside anxiety and worry. Take a warm bath before your bed time.
  • Reduce intake of coffee and carbonated drinks. Avoid smoking or any medicines that contains caffeine.

Sleeping is very important to the human well being. Lack of sleep may result to low blood pressure or low blood count, may cause dizziness, fatigue and sickness. People who are experiencing such condition must learn to manage their sleeping habits and need to plan their sleeping routine.

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