How to Control Cholesterol Naturally

Effective Ways to Control Cholesterol Naturally

Do you know how to control cholesterol naturally to prevent you from suffering heart diseases and other cardiovascular ailments due to high "bad cholesterol" level in the body? Controlling cholesterol naturally will be easy if you know its significance to the body, thus this article will teach you its function as well as the suggested ways to control it effectively.

Understanding Cholesterol

The first step in controlling cholesterol naturally is to determine its main role in the body. This is to clear our minds from the negative aspects it implies when we hear the word “cholesterol”. Many individuals don’t know that cholesterol is an essential component of the cell membranes (which organize the movements of substances within a cell), and also responsible for the proper production of steroid hormones (estrogen, androgen, progesterone, glucocorticoids, and mineralocorticoids) by synthesizing the steroid “pregnenolone”.

This natural process inside the body is described clearly at the website of, of which explained that low level of pregnenolone will lead to hormonal imbalance and this condition force the liver to produce more cholesterol than its normal level, then the bloodstream will be flooded with this fatty substance that might block the arteries and implicates several heart diseases such as stroke. This is the main reason why the body needs to maintain the cholesterol level on its standard degree.

However, cholesterol is classified as “bad” and “good” cholesterol. The bad cholesterol is in the form of LDL or low-density-lipoprotein while the good cholesterol is called high-density-lipoprotein or HDL. These two types of cholesterol are being carried in the blood and if there’s excessive amount of “bad cholesterol” or LDL, it will block the channels of the arteries which usually results to heart ailments and the occurrence of stroke. On the other hand, the main job of HDL is to regulate the level of LDL so it won’t block the artery walls and to keep it away from the heart and bring it back to the liver for reprocessing. In relation to this, here are the suggested ways on how to control cholesterol naturally.

The Ways

In reducing the “bad cholesterols” in the body, medical experts have recommended some ways that are proven to be effective in controlling cholesterol naturally.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • The cholesterol level inside the body can be managed properly by observing proper diet with less fatty foods plus an adequate regular exercise. Most cardiovascular diseases and heart ailments are associated with bad eating habits and poor physical exercises. Nutritionists warned the public from eating too much processed foods (also junk foods) that contains harmful ingredients that increases the level of “bad cholesterol”. Fresh fruits and vegetables are highly recommended such as avocados (contains healthy “fats” that lowers LDL level), apples (fiber-enriched and an excellent anti-oxidant), and flaxseeds (good source of omega 3). Oatmeal is also considered as the best solution to lower cholesterol as approved by FDA. The diet must also accompany with regular exercise to improve the stamina of the body and to burn fats effectively.

  • Natural Supplements
  • Modern medications containing natural ingredients are introduced in the market as prescription medicines to control cholesterol in natural way. Most of the advisable natural supplements should contain the ingredients of policonasol and gugulipid. These ingredients are best described at

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