How to Diagnose Hypertension

Treating Hypertension

Diagnosis of hypertension can be done even by performing simple tests at home and also by consulting doctor. There are a number of ways in which hypertension be diagnosed which can help the situation from aggravating further. Treating hypertension is essential, stress if left uncontrolled for a considerable longer period of time can be a cause of hypertension.

Before diagnosing it is essential to understand the condition of hypertension- when your blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg or higher then you may suffer from hypertension. But hypertension doesn’t reveal its symptoms earlier so you need to go for regular checkups to find out whether you have hypertension or not. There are a few types of hypertension as well which needs to be properly understood. Primary hypertension is said to be the most common and is not identifiable, on the other hand Secondary hypertension is said to be basically caused by emotional conditions. White coat hypertension however is not a serious problem and is caused because of the fear of going to a doctor’s clinic. Doctors’ basically rely on the medical history of the person before they begin the treatment.

Factors responsible for Hypertension

Smoking can be one of the prime reasons for the person to develop hypertension. Sometimes, it may occur because someone else in the family may be suffering from it and hypertension is often said to be hereditary. If the person is suffering from diabetes then too, he should get the check up done since hypertension is said to be directly linked with diabetes also. Often leading a stressful life can also be a prime cause, so it is essential to remain stress free as much as possible.

When it comes to diagnosing hypertension, it is important to check whether the person is suffering from blurred vision, suffers from headaches often, spitting up blood or bleeding from the nose too need to be checked in the person. Numbness in the hands and feet caused due to poor blood circulation is also one of the factors which help to determine hypertension. Family history accompanied by person’s physical examination play an important role.

How to Diagnose Hypertension

Sphygmomanometer is the instrument being used to check blood pressure. It is one of the most common forms being used by the doctor’s to check hypertension. If the blood pressure reading is 140/90 mm Hg then it is said to be hyper tension. You can even perform a small test at home to know your blood pressure. This test is called ambulatory monitoring. Some doctors may also ask you to undergo blood tests and urine tests before they can finally ascertain whether you have high blood pressure or not. Exercise stress test is conducted for borderline hypertension. ECG is conducted on those who may be suffering from high blood pressure or nay heart diseases.
High blood pressure is said to be dangerous because if left untreated you may run the risk of suffering from heart attack, or kidney disorders.

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