How to Get Rid Of Cough Naturally

Getting Rid Of Cough Naturally

Many people develops cough as the weather changes. Cough should be controlled as soon as possible as it may worsen when not given immediate attention. There are many ways and options on how to get rid of cough naturally.

There are different types of cough depending on the cause. That is why it is important to determine first the cause and type of cough to easily find treatment. Getting rid with cough is possible either by taking drugs or by following home treatments. The important thing to consider is to get rid of cough quickly before it is aggravated. Keep in mind that it may lead to more serious respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, tuberculosis and other lung problems. In like manner, it is also necessary to avoid factors that trigger cough such as smoking and aerobic allergies. On the other hand, you can also treat cough naturally without using medications.

According to, below are the possible steps on treating cough naturally:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Generally, water therapy is the most ideal natural treatment of cough especially for dry cough. Basically, drinking at least 8 glasses of water everyday can promote optimum health. That is why if you have dry cough you should drink plenty of water so that your throat will be lubricated and the sore throat is relieved.

  • Rub eucalyptus oil
  • Rubbing eucalyptus oil in the chest area and on throat can open the mucus membrane. In this way, it allows free flow of water, mucus and other fluids that lubricate the passage. On the other hand, you should consult first your health professional if it is safe to your health to use eucalyptus oil especially if you are pregnant or nursing.

  • Use humidifier
  • Obviously, the indoor heat causes dry cough and in some cases it may worsen. In this case you can use humidifier and adding vapor remedy can increase the steam.

  • Eat foods that increase saliva production
  • Usually, eating candy such as lozenges can relieve dry cough. Likewise, chewing gum can help sustainable production of saliva that facilitates lubrication in the oral cavity as well as in the throat.

  • Apply warm compress
  • If you have dry cough you can apply warm compress in the upper chest and on the neck. This would relieve the scratchy feeling due to the restriction of the throat when dry cough persist. The warm heat can relaxes the sore muscles and eventually opens the mucous membranes.

Aside from the above mentioned effective steps in getting rid cough naturally, you should also eat foods and drinks that can help alleviate cough like tea and hot soups. The steam coming from the tea and hot soup can provide optimal lubrication in the upper respiratory membranes. Moreover, you should get enough rest and sleep so that your body will heal faster. Keep in mind that enough sleep provides restorative power.


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