How to Get Rid Of a Tooth Abscess

Getting Rid Of a Tooth Abscess

Tooth abscess is a complication of tooth infection. When this is not given some proper attention, there is a high tendency that the infection will progress and can reach the heart. Just in case you will experience this in the future, it is best for you to know some information on how to get rid of a tooth abscess.

Tooth abscess can lead to more serious health alteration problems. So, once you will experience this end product of infection, you must know some of the information on how to get rid of a tooth abscess.

Use Numbing Solutions and Pain Medications

Removing abscess is somehow very painful. In order to decrease the painful sensation in the affected tooth, you have to use first a solution gel that promotes numbness. You may buy these types of gels in local pharmacies and drug stores. In applying the gel, you have to put this directly on the affected tooth. For more accurate and favourable results, you must read the instructions that are found in the product guide. But when there is still presence of tooth pain, reapply the gel. Using numbing chemical is not enough to eliminate the painful sensation. With this, you have to take over the counter drugs intended to combat occurrence of pain. There are some pain medications that are at the same time anti-inflammatory ones. So, it is best for you to buy these kinds of dual purpose medications. Reducing the tooth swelling is very important because when you do this, you are also limiting the chances of gum irritations.

Rinse with Saltwater

After taking numbing solutions as well as taking anti-pain medications, the next thing that you have to do is to rinse your mouth with the use of saltwater. You can do this solution by means of mixing two tablespoons of salt in a glass of warm water. Rinsing with saltwater is also effective in killing the bacteria that causes the formation of tooth abscess.

Apply Tea Bag to the Tooth

After you have rinsed with saltwater, you have now to apply black tea bag to the affected tooth. Make sure that when you apply the tea bag, it must be wet with water that is warm. This must be positioned directly on the tooth that has abscess. For a total of eight hours, the bag must be left in place. The bag contents will help in drawing back the abscess formation.

Schedule for Dental Treatment

Usually, tooth abscess is not fully removed with the use of the black tea bag. So when there is a time that you feel the reoccurrence of the abscess, consider setting an appointment with your personal dentist. The second wave of tooth abscess may be more fatal, painful and complicated. So, with the aid of consulting a physician, you will be given with proper attention and at the same time, the discomfort will be lessened.

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