How to Get Rid of Dandruff with Home Remedies

Removing Dandruff Naturally

What is dandruff? What are the causes of dandruff and how it is removed naturally? Is there a way to prevent dandruff from happening?

It is very annoying to have dandruff especially if you are making the best out of yourself. You will be looking ridiculous in front of other people each time they see that your hair is full of dandruff.
Dandruff is particle of dead skin cells that are formed in the scalp and hair, appears as flakes. Dandruff has nothing to do with hair loss or baldness. When dandruff is present it is not considered as an illness or a skin disease that cannot be healed. Dandruff and be taken care of, can be controlled and can be prevented.

Eventually dandruff are made of dead skin cell that needs to be scraped off from the skin itself but since it is occurring in the head it gets stuck in hair and usually falls in the shoulder. Dandruff is not transmittable, it is not like other skin problem that once you get near, you will get infected.

We cannot determine the accurate cause of dandruff it can be lack of vitamin rich in zinc, poor food sustenance, using soaps and shampoo that has harsh ingredients, inappropriate food intake, low immune system due to infection, anxiety, usage of hair styling stuffs, over expose to heat or change of weather and scalp fungus. One reason could also be overproduction of oil glands that can produce dead skin cell that results to flaky scales.

You would know that dandruff is present when you see shiny flakes each time you comb your hair, itchiness becomes frequent and you will see that your scalp begins to become red.

Remedies for Dandruff

First we need to manage the food we eat, as it is one that causes dandruff. It is recommended that you supply your diet with fruit or fruit juice, but avoid citrus fruits especially if your dandruff has an extreme case. Avoid eating fatty or fried food, foods that are available in fast food should be prevented, processed food and caffeinated drinks as well.

You may use different herb or naturally made ingredients for dandruff treatment such as using fenugreek seeds, lime, green gram powder and beet mixed with snake gourd.

These can be used one at the time by mixing it with water and leaving it at least an hour and rinse it thoroughly with mild shampoo. You may also try and slice onion and rub it in your scalp, let it stay for an hour and wash it off by using a shampoo made of tea tree oil. Do this regularly and you will find yourself dandruff free.

Prevent from scratching your scalp as it may be irritated and might be infected and becomes red. Always see to it that you keep your hair clean to avoid dandruff to build up intensely, frequent combing can help you take away the flakes from your hair but make sure you don’t overdo it.

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