How to Get Rid of Plantar Warts Fast

Tips on Getting Rid of Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are formation of unwanted epithelial cells in any parts of the human body. Since this is a very ugly group of cell formation, this causes decrease in self-esteem to the affected person. Learn the tips on how to get rid of plantar warts fast with the use of this write up.

There are several treatment modalities that are used on how to get rid of plantar warts fast. These treatment modalities are all proven effective that can erase away these unwanted growth of epithelial cells.

Chemotherapy Method

The first treatment modality for warts is the chemotherapy method. In here, there is a topical ointment that is being applied to the plantar part of the affected person. Example of this is dilute glutaraldehyde. This substance is a virucidal chemical that is proven effective in killing the virus causing warts. This form of treatment is also taught to be the oldest one. There are also modern types of chemotherapy agents that are used and injected directly to the plantar wart. One good example of this is the drug called 5FU or 5-fluoro-uracil.

Duct Tape Treatment

Apart from the chemotherapy means of treating warts in your plantar area, the duct tape treatment is also available for you. In here, there is a specific tape that is being applied to your wart and it is left in place for six days. This tape will cause your wart cells to dry off. On the sixth day, you can wash now the wart in your plantar area and you will notice that the wart will shed off. Aside from washing, you can also rub the wart using pumice stone.


Cryosurgery is also used in removing not just plantar warts but also those that developed in other parts of the body. The main feature of cryosurgery is to freeze the wart. The chemical solution that is being used in here is the so-called liquid nitrogen. When this solution is used, it creates blister under the site where the wart developed. You must put in your mind that in this treatment modality for plantar warts, you can experience some painful sensation. But there is not scar that will develop afterwards.

Immunotherapy Method

The newest treatment modality for plantar wart is the immunotherapy method. In here, there is an injection of the intralesional antigen that will help reduce the size of the wart then later on, remove it from the plantar part of the affected person. The feature of this treatment is to trigger the immune system that there is presence of virus hosting in the wart. When the immune system is triggered, it will deliver the antigen to the plantar wart and as time passes by, it will be destroyed. There are times that warts tend to give birth to other smaller warts. With this treatment, the smaller warts will also become visible and it will also be destroyed.

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