How to Help a Constipated Baby

Tips to Help a Constipated Baby

Entire household and family members feel shocked and morn the situation in which baby gets constipated. Situation of parents turn perilous when they see their baby is constipated with loosened metabolism. It is at this juncture that you need to support your baby on all aspects and motivate to take this problem lightly while also doing proper treatment. If parents get panicked then situation will rather become problematic instead of improvement.

Very first help one can offer to constipated baby is consulting pediatrician and ensuring prescribed medication is given in right dosage. Medication may not have prompt effect as it takes time to start healing process. This factor must be understood by parents. By the time healing starts one should remain aware of practicalities whose wrong implication will but worsen the situation. The outcome is that you must motivate a baby that this is a passing phase and the moment for best relief is about to come.

Know the Cause

Use best tactics to know from your baby, if he/se is elder to understand everything up to some extent, what might have gone wrong. Don’t rebuke your baby at that stage if wrongdoing was a deliberate effort. This de-motivation may cause delay in healing process as the baby would feel disheartened in such situation when physical stamina is already low.

You feel heartbreaking by seeing baby constipated and may not treat by yourself but you can at least motivate the baby that this problematic phase would pass on sooner. Apply methods to resolve it.

What to Avoid

Babies are sensitive towards many things. They still try to learn and adopt lots of things nearby them. If you choose wrong food for them then you are the person inviting constipation for your baby. Biggest help can therefore be that you try your level best to assure that no wrong food choice is made. You must know it that at what time and age solid foods are given. Wrongly intake of solid food can be a major cause of constipation. Best help to do to a constipated baby is ceasing such foods immediately.


If your constipated baby is still breastfed then it is better to continue that rather than giving outside food intake. This would be great help as mother’s milk has healing power and works like medicine for babies to come out of the phase in which constipation lowers body metabolism. Tiny tummies of babies are habitual of processing easily digestible mother's milk but once anything from outside is given situation worsens.

It is such situation in which constipation catches your baby. Parents must therefore remain aware of such factors and try suitable options to encourage baby which is an ultimate help. There is nothing specific that can be followed in helping a constipated baby.

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