How to Live with an Alcoholic

Living with an Alcoholic

an alcoholic is a person who doesn’t know what he is doing; it is indeed difficult to live with an alcoholic. No one can force an alcoholic to stop drinking unless he himself decides to refrain from alcohol. Challenges involved in the entire process are many and it is the responsibility of the family members to find a way out.

Living with an alcoholic is both tedious and tumultuous. Alcoholism is often said to be a "family disease" since it affects not just the alcoholic but also his family and friends.

It is even more difficult for the spouse as well as children who are made a scapegoat without any fault of theirs. The saddest part is that the alcoholic himself is not even aware that he is the reason for all the worries; he is mostly oblivious of this fact.

Tackling an alcoholic-Indubitably it is a testing time for the family members since they have to perform all the works which in reality are the responsibilities of the alcoholic. The day may start off well but the situation becomes grim once the time progresses and he indulges himself in drinks after drinks. After a short span of time he may completely forget who he is and may even turn violent. In such a scenario it is best for the rest of the members to stay quiet or at the most ignore to what he is saying.

Life with an alcoholic is an emotional roller coaster and it may become worsen until the alcoholic himself understands that it is he who is responsible for the mess. It is important for all to make an effort in the right direction. But before that it is very important to know about the nature of the disease so try to read books, literature or consult the doctor, only then you can work better.

Helping an alcoholic recover-Always remember that if your loved one is an alcoholic it is not your fault. So stop blaming yourself unnecessarily. No one can bring a change in an alcoholic’s life unless he himself volunteers to change. You cannot force him to change.

Don’t neglect your own health and well being. You should be mentally and physically fit only then you can work towards your goal of changing his habits. Try to explore new relationships outside.

Never do the work which is the responsibility of the alcoholic-like paying up the bills, asking the boss for a leave, washing clothes etc. If you keep on doing his chores, he will never owe up his own responsibilities.

Never shout at the alcoholic or fight with him, or else he may become even more harsh. Be polite and courteous as if nothing has happened. So don’t create situations which make it even harder for him to change. But this doesn’t mean that you allow him to abuse you physically. If he does you should stand up and take a firm action.

Remember Alcoholism is a serious mental disorder, a disease, so stay calm and be patient when dealing with an alcoholic.

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