How to Prevent Lyme Disease

Tips To Prevent Lyme Disease

There are already simple ways on how to prevent Lyme disease. These preventive tips will help you to be free from the possible fatal conditions or complications that this vector borne disease may bring to you. In order to know these preventive tips, it is recommended for you to read this article.

Prevention is always better than curing the disease. There are tips on how to prevent Lyme disease. These tips are proven effective and will decrease your susceptibility to this condition.

What is Lyme Disease?

The cause of the Lyme disease is the bacteria which belong to the spirochete class. Usually, this disease is being carried out by the tick that you can find in a deer. The disease is transmitted from animals to humans by means of the bite from ticks. The size of these ticks are said to be the same of that of sesame seeds. The increase in the incidence of this condition was noted to happen in suburban and rural areas. There is a trace of the disease in Australia, Asia, Europe and in United States. The preventive measures for the disease involve:

  • Management of host animals
  • Vaccination
  • Tick removal

Host Animal Management

Incidences of Lyme disease may be prevented by means of determining the population of the deer which carries the vector of the disease. Particularly, the white-tailed deer specie is where the ticks propagate. There are already regional activities in United States which focus on the reduction of the population of the deer which carry the ticks. The reduction means may be drastic to some people but these are proven to decrease the incidence of the disease occurrence.


Recombinant vaccination is also another preventive measure for the Lyme disease. The vaccine called LYMErix was tested on some people living in areas prone to Lyme disease. It was found out that this vaccine can offer them with 76% immunity in adults and 100% immunity in children. There are just mild to moderate adverse reactions which can be experienced by the one who underwent vaccination. The vaccine has been offered to the public way back in the year 1998. However, during the year 2002, LYMErix has been withdrawn from the market. This is not due to its side effects but because of the fear of its side effects that developed negative comments about the vaccine.

Removal of Tick

The innovative preventive measures for the Lyme disease is either controversial or will impose someone to adverse reaction. In connection with this, tick removal remains to be the simplest and the most effective means of reducing the occurrence of the disease. In doing this, you have to use tweezers when you pull the tick. You must avoid crushing the tick when you are about to remove it from the body. The only disadvantage of this preventive measure is the difficulty in removing small species of ticks.

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