How to Reduce Pain During Periods

Treating Pain During Periods

Treating pain during periods becomes easy if you know how to reduce pain during periods. There are some women who might suffer from excessive pain in the periods. Make sure you are eating proper food, including vegetables. Try to avoid foods which enhance the pain. Go for regular exercises. If pain continues then consult the doctor.

Pain during periods is one of the most common problems faced by a majority of women. There are a number of women who suffer from severe pain during menstruation sometimes it might enhance so much that you need to take medicines. However there might be some women who might witness only a mild discomfort.

Menstrual cramps can cause severe pain so much so that you might not be able to concentrate on your work also. The prime cause of cramps is the contraction of uterus during the periods. The pain might be witnessed in the abdomen, legs as well as back.

Ways to Reduce the Pain in Periods

However there are various ways in which the pain can be reduced. You need to follow some steps which will help to reduce the pain. You need to follow a healthy diet plan which includes lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits. Try to avoid foods which cause pain to you. Increase the intake of fiber in your diet, this is useful in cleansing the body of excessive estrogen.

Some of the dietary supplements including Vitamin E, thiamine, Omega 3 fatty acids are also helpful in reducing the menstrual cramps during periods.

You can also take pain relievers like ibuprofen which too is known to reduce the pain. This however need to be taken under medical guidance and care should be taken that their intake should not be excessive.

How to Tackle the Pain

Go for regular physical exercises which too in some women has been found to reduce the pain. Don’t exert yourself during your periods, make sure that you are taking ample amount of rest.

There are a number of herbal remedies which too are said to be beneficial in reducing the pain like Chinese herbs, and ginger, garlic, raspberry tea leaves.

In most of the cases, a proper home care itself is sufficient to reduce the pain. Maintain a proper hygiene. You can also apply a heating pad in the lower abdomen if the pain persists. Don’t overeat rather eat only light food. You should drink more of warm beverages during the periods. You need to lose weight if you are overweight, meditation and yoga too are said to be helpful.

It is also essential that you consult a good doctor if the pain persists. You need to go for regular health checkups and tell your doctor if the pain becomes severe. He might also check for any other problem which is responsible for the cramps.

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