How to Relieve Itchy Skin

Ways to Relieve Itchy Skin

Does itchiness always bother you and you’re looking for the best solutions in relieving itchy skin? All of us experience itch on our skins as a result of several causes but this can be treated without more ado or high level of attention. However, if the itchiness still continues, then here are some important tips on how to relieve itchy skin effectively.

Itchy Skin - Everybody’s Concern?

According to, itchy skin is just a normal problem of every normal person and this can’t be considered as a condition with high risk. Nevertheless, itching of the skin can be foreseen being a symptom to other localized problem, in particular to a specific area of the body or a generalized problem which is bothersome in nature.

Causes of Itchy Skin

In medical terms, itch is an unpleasant feeling that triggers a person to scratch the area of the body being affected, while it is commonly referred as “pruritus”. The causes of itchy skin are the following:

  • Allergies
  • The initial response of the skin when allergic reaction occurs is itchiness specifically in mild allergies. Allergens are the main substance that causes allergies and this is commonly associated on foods that we eat. Patients with asthma, hay fever, and eczema are also mostly affected by allergies. Some people are also allergic to certain animals like dogs and cats.

  • Insect Bites
  • When insect bites or stings the skin, it will cause for the skin to swell and shows redness as well. This skin reaction is mainly caused by “formic acid” as injected by the insects (e.g. wasps, bees, and ants) and sometimes may induce pain. Bites from mosquito or certain type of fleas are more likely causing itchiness rather than pain, thus the irritation can last in just a short period of time.

  • Sunburn
  • The harmful rays of the sun may cause irritation on the skin and it’s very itchy, this is normally known as sunburn. The most exposed skin to sunlight is typically affected by sunburn and normally it is healed naturally because of the natural defense mechanism of the skin which is called as melanin.

  • Dry Skin
  • In medical terminology, dry skin is referred as “xerosis” (from the words “xero” which means “dry” and “osis” meaning disorder) ordinarily associated to vitamin A deficiency, older age, cold weather like in winter season, and regular showering with hot baths.

  • Skin Disorders
  • In most cases skin disorders like eczema, urticaria, and psoriasis have the symptoms of itchiness.

Ways on How to Relieve Itchy Skin

Generally, treating itchy skin is very easy if you know its causes. For example, if the itchiness is caused by allergic reactions then avoiding those contributors is the best way to treat the problem. There are also over-the-counter medications like antihistamines to relieve the itchiness caused by allergies. Use sun-protection lotions or sunscreens to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun and apply moisturizers after bathing with a hot bath. has more information about relieving itchy skin.

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