How to Stop Diarrhea Naturally

Natural Treatments of Diarrhea

A digestive illness that is commonly characterized by loose and watery stools is called diarrhea. It is usually caused by parasitic, bacterial and viral infection. Like the other illnesses, this is also a serious case of disease because it can lead to dehydration in which your body will lose water. So, immediate consultation is needed.

Most people who experience this kind of disease always get irritated and disgusted. This is very inconvenient and always brings you with fatigue, bloating, dehydration and elevated temperature. These causes usually come from food bigotry to reactions from medication. That is why many people are looking for some natural treatments to cure diarrhea naturally.

Treatments on How to Stop Diarrhea Naturally

The first one is the astringent herbal treatment which aid to decrease the quantity of liquid in the stool. To prepare this treatment, get a blackberry and prepare it in one teaspoon of the plant in one cup of water. You can also use ready-made tea bags. Then, drink one cup every half an hour.

Another kind of astringent herbal treatment is the carob powder which is very comforting to aggravated intestines. This is recommended to be drunk one tablespoon with honey or some juice that can give sweetness. You can also try the bilberry which you can take one thousand milligrams in four doses per hour. But remember that this is not advisable to be taken by a person who is taking blood-thinning medications. Another astringent herbal treatment is the agrimony which is a traditional treatment for diarrhea.

Second are the herbs for inflammation. Example of this is the Quercetin which is known as a plant-based flavanoid. This herb takes 250 to 500 milligram four times per day. Camonile tea is also effective. This must be drunk one cup three times whenever diarrhea occurs. You can also try the traditional medicine which is the marshmallow root tea. This is usually prepared by soaking two tablespoonsful in one quart of water all night. Drink this until your illness gets better.

Additionally, slippery elm powder is also effective for soothing the intestine. To prepare, get one ounce of the plant with one quart of water. Add first enough water to make it sticky and then after few minutes add the rest. After you have prepared this treatment, you can now drink one teaspoon per hour.
Apple extract is also good to treat diarrhea. Take apple cider vinegar in some water with flavor or simply juice. You can take this in two tablespoon and drink it until the illness vanishes. You can also try the turmeric spice to warm water and drink until the symptoms of diarrhea disappear. Moreover, turmeric spice is a good treatment because it settles the stomach and balances the digestive system.


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