How to Stop Menstrual Cramps

Preventing Menstrual Cramps

Preventing menstrual cramps becomes easy if you have the right information with regard to the same. You need to change your lifestyle, as well as diet. Try to include vitamin E, thiamine more in diet. When it comes to as to how to prevent menstrual cramps the best suggestion is to keep hot pads on abdomen or take hot bath.

The onset of menstruation is often dreaded by almost all the females since it is also the time for menstrual cramps to occur. The occurrence of menstrual cramps is common problem in all women but the intensity of the cramps may vary from one female to another. There are a number of women might be having so heavy menstrual cramps that they might find it difficult to do any work, while other might not be having them of such intensity.

How to Reduce Menstrual Cramps

There are a number of ways possible in which menstrual cramps can be reduced and in fact stopped. The pain starts in the lower abdomen and may even spread to legs, spine. The women might feel frustrated at the onset of menstrual cramps.

However there are a number of ways in which these cramps can be relieved. You simply need to lie down on the bed and places a heating pad on your abdomen. Or else you can also go for a warm bath. These two things are surely going to help you in reducing the pain.

A number of painkillers are also available but you need to consult a good doctor as to which pain killer is the best. You can also go for massage which too might be helpful.

Having a cup of Chamomile and honey tea is also effective which has soothing properties. Taking more and more of Omega 3 fatty acids is essential, either you take them as capsules or else include fish in your diet.

Reducing the Pain from Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps occur basically due to the lack of magnesium in the diet. Women should always see that they are not magnesium deficient. If you are one of those who smoke a lot or take alcohol then it is time to change your habits. These cramps are known to occur more often in those women who smoke a lot.

Being inactive over a longer period of time or being overweight too may cause menstrual cramps, so it is best suggested that you change your lifestyle and try to remain active as well as lose weight.

Try to include thiamine in your diet as well as Vitamin E. Taking vitamin E twice daily before and after the periods is known to reduce the cramps.

Make sure you are having regular health checkups, if the pain is quite severe and it doesn’t decrease even after all these measures it is essential that you need to consult a good doctor and tell him of the situation.

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