How to Take Care of Your Heart

Ways of Having a Healthy Heart

What are the things you need to do to keep your heart healthy? How to avoid heart diseases? What are the things you need to avoid to have a healthy heart?

A healthy heart is an indication of a healthy lifestyle. People are suffering from sudden heart disease or heart attack because they are not aware that the standard of living they are following is unsafe for their well being.
What are the things we need to do and avoid to prevent heart attack and keep our heart healthy?

If you are a smoker, it is recommended that you quit smoking. It weakens the heart and slows down blood circulation. It also triggers illness to the respiratory function of the body and to the heart.

Lack of exercise weakens the heart. Exercise has a vital involvement to the circulatory system of our body. Our heart is made up of muscle which becomes stronger each time we workout. While doing our exercise the heart is pumping more blood, it elevates the heart beat rate and put your heart at rest.

Avoid high fat meals instead practice eating colorful food. The more colorful you platter is, the more you are sure that you are absorbing nutrients to your body. Plan the food that you are eating. Stock your refrigerator with healthy fruits and vegetable rather than carbonated and caffeinated drinks, junk foods, high in cholesterol foods.

Get enough sleep. It is very important for the condition of the heart to have enough sleep. It is recommended that an individual must have at least 8 hours of sleep to avoid heart disease. Sleeping disorders needs to be deal by a medical adviser immediately and have the appropriate medication.

Free yourself from depression, stress and anxiety. Once you are emotionally unstable it will affect your whole well being, it sometimes causes you not eat on time, unable to sleep, you are not capable of doing the regular activities when you are pre occupied by worries. This emotionally state will not only affect you emotion and mental state but the body particularly the heart. Studies show that depression is a heart killer. When you feel that worries over takes you try to take a deep breath, meditate, relax your mind and pray.

What are the Common Heart Diseases?

  • Coronary heart disease is an implication that the arteries in the body is narrowing and may cause poor blood circulation. This is caused by eating unsaturated fats that clogs the arteries and increases cholesterol in the body and may result to death.
  • Being overweight or obesity is a threat to the heart, this may cause heart attack. Eating the right kind of food will reduce the risk of heart disease for people who are overweight and regular exercise.
  • Hypertension is also a result of a clog blood stream that is caused by the food we eat; these may lead to stroke or heart attack.
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